Carrot Butter Cleanser

It’s a well known fact that cleansing is the most important part of maintaining and achieving beautiful skin. Although I often find it difficult to resist the urge to quickly swipe a face wipe over my skin and call it a night after a long day, I know full well that  not only will I regret my laziness but without removing the days grime and makeup any moisturisers or special treatments that I then slather on are rendered completely useless if they cannot penetrate the skin. In a bid to reduce the chances of said laziness I am constantly looking for products that make the laborious process of cleansing as pain free as possible.

My latest discovery is the Carrot Butter Cleanser from The Organic Pharmacy who this year won the Best Eco/Organic Range in the InStyle Best Beauty Buys for the forth year running. It’s not surprising that this is their best selling cleanser and loved by celebrities including Kylie Minogue thanks to its 100% pure Organic extracts and antioxidants including rosemary, carrot, shea butter and chamomile. I was impressed that just a small amount of the balm cleanser instantly melted on contact with dry skin and dissolved all traces of dirt, grime and makeup (including my stubborn eye makeup) with minimal effort. When used with their muslin cloth soaked in warm water to fully remove the cleanser and boost circulation (as recommended) it left my skin feeling clean, soft, refreshed and glowing without drying or tightening like many foam cleansers. Like all of the fantastic products from The Organic Pharmacy there are no artificial preservatives, colourants, fragrances or petrochemicals just pure organic, natural, skin friendly ingredients.

Available to purchase from the The Organic Pharmacy website here.