Botanical White

With a fondness for cigarettes, coffee and too much red wine, it can be near impossible to keep teeth gleaming and hollywood white. And with professional whitening costing upwards of £500 and ongoing maintenance required, it's a luxury that few people can afford, unless they happen to be on a celebrity's wage. With a shocking percentage of home-whitening kits containing illegal levels of bleach, and side-effects including chemical burns to the mouth, gum disease and sensitive teeth, many people can pay a high price for a quick fix. However, Smile 4 You, innovators in home teeth whitening, have recently launched the first effective non-peroxide teeth whitening kit. Botanical White has been specially formulated with natural ingredients to not only whiten teeth but to also promote good oral health without causing any additional sensitivity.

I'm always sceptical when it comes to trying home treatments that promise miraculous results, but having used Botanical White for the recommended hour a day for the past fortnight, I've noticed a significant difference without any side effects. The fact that Botanical White is made up solely of natural ingredients makes it an even more obvious choice when it comes to picking the perfect kit for that hollywood smile.