3pm Protein Pick-Me-Up – SheProtein

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love to nurture our bodies and can often be found during our down time at the gym, easing into pigeon pose or browsing the aisles of our local health food shop searching for the next superfood. That is why we have fallen in love with the new girl on the health food supplement block, SheProtein.

Available in ever-so convenient single serve sachets, SheProtein’s 3pm Protein Pick-Me-Up is destined to be your next best gal pal and workout buddy. Developed by women (renowned biochemist Jeanette Jackson and sisters Jessica and Geraldine) to serve women, this protein powder is the perfect product to be added to your health and fitness regimen and will slot easily into your handbag. With only 24 calories per serve, you can rest easy knowing that your afternoon protein shake is not going to derail your fitness goals like that chocolate digestive biscuit would have. In fact, it’ll be supporting all those fist pumps and squats you do at the gym. In Chocolate and Strawberry flavours, it will feel like you are having a naughty treat, all the while supplementing your diet with beneficial, lean muscle-building Whey Protein Isolate.  

Leave the bulky tubs of protein powders to the boys, and make friends with SheProtein’s 3pm Protein Pick-Me-Up. Available online here at £29.99 for 28 sachets.