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Rouge Bunny Rouge- Burgundy Spring

We at The Amazing Blog adore trying out unique makeup products, so when Rouge Bunny Rouge sent us their Burgundy Spring gift set, we were excited. The set includes a blush wand, a shimmery quartz eyeliner and, most excitingly, a deep wine-red mascara.

Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS is the perfect mascara for anyone looking for long, curvy and voluminous lashes, with a twist. The mascara with its unique colour gives you a natural yet intense look. The colour adds a little touch of originality to your everyday makeup. The colour will suit every skin colour and really make eyes pop. The UBIQUITOUS mascara is much more than it's burgundy colour; it is made with a unique formulation including paraffin Wax, carnauba wax, beeswax and silk proteins. Together these ingredients give a very soft texture and consistency to the product and help protect lashes. The mascara is long lasting and is also alcohol and fragrance-free, making it ideal for sensitive eyes.

The Blush Wand is our favourite blush that transcends the seasons. The creamy blush gives you a natural and glowy look on a hot summer day, but also gives the cheeks a gorgeous autumnal plummy colour when applied more liberally. The blush is easily blendable and buildable; it glides smoothly onto the cheeks leaving a colourful natural stain. Not only is this product an amazing blush that instantly brightens your face in just a swipe, but it is also infused with high-quality ingredients including jojoba oil and spherical powders. What we love about this product is that it is multi-use; it can also be applied on the lips and eyes. It is the perfect product to put in your daily makeup bag for busy mornings.

The liner is ideal for those of you who like to sport a bolder look. The Quartz Eyeliner is made from particles of artificial quartz giving it an enchanting deep blue colour. The formula is amazing, in that the water based formula makes it easy to apply and it dries quickly for day-long staying power, without smudging. It is also very pigmented and instantly transforms your look into a powerful and mysterious one.

The Burgundy Spring gift set is limited edition, but luckily it is still available here for €60 (approximately £55). Unfortunately, all of Rouge Bunny Rouge's prices are in Euro's, but you can still purchase them if you live in the UK.

Paw Paw & Quinoa Colour Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner by Natural World.

At The Amazing Blog, we know what a pain it can be when your hair colour begins to fade, especially if you go into considerable costs to have the colour added in the first place! It can feel pointless to fight this struggle at times as often nothing seems able to prevent the fading, and some hair care products even increase its progression. Therefore, searching for a product that will act as a remedy to this problem is a priority of ours. Thankfully, we came across Natural World in this quest to evade the bland. Their new organic Paw Paw and Quinoa Colour Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner is remarkable, it could not only keep our hair soft and smooth but it also helped to prolong the life of our hair colour all the way up to our next touch-up!

The organic Paw Paw Oil helps to both revive, re-live and maintain the gloss that colouring can strip away; while the protein packed Quinoa Extract is the star ingredient that helps maintain the colour – who knew there was another reason to love quinoa. The four essential oils (Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orange and Ylang Ylang) give the products a beautiful and fruity scent which you won't be able to get enough of. Our hair was visibly softer and shinier as the shampoo and conditioner aided in keeping hair hydrated. 95% of the product is made from naturally derived ingredients, and these gentle, but powerful ingredients allow the products to fight the ill-effects of dying without stripping the dye away! The products are free of parabens, phosphates, phthalates, dyes and gluten – so you know the high magnitude of safe and natural ingredients that your hair is in close contact with.

So if you are worried about the lifespan of your hair colour, you can purchase the shampoo here for £6.00 and the conditioner here for £6.00 which is a wise and worthy investment for treating and maintaining the colour and lustre of your hair. 

Pranalife 4 and Pranalife 1-7-6 by Equisalud

At this time of year, the change in seasons can sometimes make you exhausted and discombobulated. We felt that it was time to address this in a more holistic way, looking into our ‘chakras’. This is an ancient and holistic practice which balances seven energy centres throughout the body. We at The Amazing Blog were excited to try Equisalud's Pranalife range. Equisalud are one of the leading laboratories in dietary supplements based in Huarte, Pamplona.

Chakras connect your spiritual body to your physical body. The seven are located at the base of your spine, slightly above on your spine by your pancreas, your digestive system, your heart, your throat, your third eye and your crown, respectively. It is thought that all of the chakras need to be free from stress, emotional or physical problems for one to live a happy, healthy and free life. This is where Equislud’s special product Pranalife comes in; they have created ten energy centre harmonisers to help aid in the restoration of these chakra points, in the form of liquid drops. There are seven varieties of drops for each specific chakra and three which focus on the three energy lines;  1-7-6, 3-4-6 and 2-5-6. We tried Pranalife 4 and Pranalife 1-7-6.

Pranalife 4 works to harmonise the chakra 4, which is related to the cardiovascular and immune functions. Pranalife 4, therefore, works to balance the immune system and strengthen the stream of life that is anchored in the heart, according to ancient Oriental traditions. The energy line 1-7-6 involves all of the body. It's important to allow the spiritual energy to flow throughout the chakra line so keeping this clear is crucial. Pranalife 1-7-6 works towards this, aiding in regular control of hormones and the glands. The Pranalife drops are easily dissolved into water, and it's suggested that you drink the mixture three times a day before a meal. We found this was easy enough to incorporate into our daily routines and the bottles are small enough to carry to work and back. It's worth it, in our eyes, for an overall health benefit.

You can purchase the two bottles we reviewed, as well as the whole Pranalife range here for £15.27 each.

SK5 Razor - Shavekit

For many of us, shaving is an essential but sometimes inconvenient task. Here at The Amazing Blog we have found an easy solution. Shavekit has created the better way to shave – they offer flexible memberships to have your choice of razor delivered directly to your door. You can choose delivery to be as frequent as you like – monthly, bi-monthly or even simplier; whenever.

You just need to choose between three or five high quality blades and how often you would like your razor delivered. There are no commitments, meaning you can customise the process to suit your needs. We have been trying out the SK5 Razor, boasting five ceramic-coated carbon steel blades and an aloe strip for smooth lubrication. The trimmer blade works wonderfully for sideburns and under the nose, including all those hard-to-reach places. This razor gives a very smooth and efficient shave. Also the four replacement refill blades ensure that you will always be prepared for a close shave.

Shavekit works closely with leading manufacturers to create razors that perform better than many other brand names. All of the razors are designed with open-back architecture for easy cleaning. Made from carbon steel, these razors are dependable and deliver immacular shaves time and time again. The products are suitable for both men and women. Their quick and free delivery anywhere in the UK means that they’re a great value for your money.

The Shavekit SK5 Razor is available at their website here for £8.95. 

3-Step-System for HIM - Adam & Eve Skincare

Here at The Amazing Blog, we believe that every skin deserves a treat and a break, that includes men’s skin. Shaving every day, cold weather and so much more can all contribute to making men's skin sensitive. Adam & Eve Skincare developed a full Adam range specially designed to treat male skin. 

The range is designed around three different products: “Tous” (All), “Les” (The), “Garcons” (Boys). Tous is a Face Wash, Les is a Calming Lotion and Garcons is an Active Moisturiser. All are essential to calm, wash and revive male skin. The process starts with Tous, which cleans the face of any dirt or dead skin. Due to the excellent variety of ingredients, Tous works by balancing the skin. The cleanser contains antioxidants from plant extracts such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Green Tea, Willow Bark as well as Cucumber, Bergamot, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. The mix of natural products is what makes this face wash so refreshing and nourishing.

The next step is Les which helps to calm skin. With similar ingredients to the wash, the addition of Vitamin B, C and E is what helps this product create it's healing and soothing effect. The last in this dynamic skincare trio is  Garcons. This is the perfect multi-tasking moisturiser which is enriched with the same antioxidants as Les, but with the addition of essential oils such as Sandalwood. Recommended for both day and night it is light in texture and the Sandalwood delivers a delicious fragrance which is also known to enhance a sense of calmness and greater mental clarity. This product promises to leave skin feeling clean and dewy without being greasy

Get the perfect 3-Step-System to keep male skin protected and soft from Adam & Eve Skincare. You can buy Tous here for £ 16.00, Les here for £ 22.00, Garcons here for £ 24.50 or the whole 3-Step-System here for £ 53.50.