Giant Sparrows

Everywhere you look it seems everyone has the same phone. And to make it worse, the exact same phone case. But here at The Amazing Blog we’ve found a way for you to stand out from the crowd: Giant Sparrows phone cases. Inspired by works of art these cases protect your phone and show off your individuality! Founders and artists Tine and Christa have created a phone-case designing heaven on the Giant Sparrows website, with simple steps to create a phone case just as quirky and stylish as you.

I’m going to admit something now. It’s an addiction that not many people know about. Everyone at The Amazing Blog has told me I should go to the doctor. The addiction is Game of Thrones. Some of you may know the HBO series, and some of you won’t (which is unacceptable). So I’ve read all the books, I’m watching the second season, I have dreams about Daenerys Targaryen, my ringtone is the Game of Thrones theme and I made the writer for the show sign an illustration I had drawn myself (not kidding, I have proof). And that’s where Giant Sparrows comes in, their personalised iPhone and Blackberry cases help you stand out and indulge any addiction.

If you are an iPhone 3 or 4 user, the owner of an iPod Touch 4th Generation or a BlackBerry Curve or Bold addict, you’re one of the lucky ones able to order a case that will make your phone the envy of your friends. There’s a catalogue to choose pictures and you can also upload your own artwork, amazing, isn't it? Scroll through their website to create your own case and show off your style!

And you don’t even need to ask. Of course, my case is a personalised Game of Thrones case. "Winter is coming..."