Wally Pockets

As summer draws near, and this glorious weather continues, I’m sure a lot of you are just itching to show off your green thumb. With the Chelsea Flower Show this week, there’s no shortage of inspiration for you to liven up your garden or flower boxes this summer. And whilst we know that the gorgeous displays at the show are slightly (completely) unattainable, The Amazing Blog has found a great way for you to make the most of your garden spaces, Wally Pockets from Garden Beet.

These innovative garden accessories are perfect for maximizing any space, indoor or outdoor. You can keep up with the new trend of ‘vertical gardens’ and ‘living walls’ with Wally Pockets, there’s no limit to your creativity with them! You simply attach them to your wall, fill them with soil and your chosen plants, and watch them grow. So even if you’re not the most garden savvy, making your outdoor spaces beautiful is easy with Wally Pockets. They’re made from recycled plastic bottles, and are fully lined to stop any dripping, so you’re fine to use them indoors too – they also let your plant’s root systems breathe and grow into healthy plants. You can make your living wall as big or small a you wants, Wally Pockets come  in three sizes, and are available on their website.

Whether you’re looking to grow a few herbs in your kitchen, or rival the displays at the Chelsea Flower Show, Wally Pockets will be your new favourite addition to your garden.