Emma Gunn's Never Mind The Burdocks

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Do you have a passion for flowers or plants? Or perhaps you dream of having a lovely garden one day? While most people aren’t born with a green thumb, there is an increasing interest in nature, especially amongst us at The Amazing Blog. We love having flowers and plants in every room, but jazzing up a space shouldn’t be limited to putting flowers in a vase. This is something we discovered from the wisdom of Emma Gunn’s Never Mind the Burdocks: A Year Of Foraging in the British Isles’ - three books with the aim to encourage a better understanding of nature and survival, offering advice to protect our everyday spaces. After all, the more we understand, the better equipped we are.

The trio compromises of three books for three seasons: Spring (March-May), Autumn (September-November) and Winter (December-February). Each book is split into the number of days relating to the time frame, providing a different edible item each day. These range from mushrooms, to plants and fish. What we particularly like about the books, is the layout, providing a wide range of information, from scientific names, to origins and common uses. By focussing on a different foraging item each day, you quickly gain a vast amount of knowledge, including where to find the item, the edibility (rated from 1-5) and common lookalikes.

The Spring edition focuses on the common young tender leaves and spring flowers. As with the other books, common anecdotes and recipes are provided, with a vast amount of educational photographs. The Autumn edition includes commonly found funghi, fruits and nut, whereas you’ll find the Winter edition includes many root items. All three books contain a glossary of common (and uncommon) terms, and the Autumn guide has a handy tips and tricks section with visual funghi guides. Emma Gunn has thought of it all!

We have certainly enjoyed learning more about foraging! If this is something of interest to you too, then Emma Gunn’s Never Mind the Burdocks trio is available to purchase via Amazon. You’ll find the Spring and Winter editions available for £12.99, and the slightly thicker Autumn edition for £13.99. You’ll be foraging experts in no time!


At The Amazing Blog we don't tend to feature many fashion items, as our dear readers will already know, we tend to be more into our beauty, food and pet products. However, this one fashion item really stood out and we think it is a fab discovery.Bagllerina are an essential to every woman's wardrobe i.e. a good pair of ballerinas that come with a matching carry pouch. And to be more specific, at The Amazing Blog we're in love with these as they're luxurious, elegant and very comfortable Bagllerina  are most definitely a timeless, practical and on-trend accessory.

"Bagllerina" is an amalgam of two words: ballerina and bag - they're beautifully finished and handmade in 100% soft nappa leather. Bagllerina are just the perfect accessory to throw into your bag for an evening out - if like me, you're anticipating tired feet from hobbling around all day/night long in your 8" heels. Not only do these pumps fold-up flat but they all come in a coordinating stylish leather pouch can be used as a purse/evening bag - very practical for carrying around your keys, phone and other make-up bits as well.

Bagllerina offers three outdoor styles in many different colours: "Gorgeous" a low-cut model, "Daily" with laces and "Liberty" without laces. They even offer "Cocoon" to be worn indoors and designed with a foam cushioned sole for optimal comfort. Bagllerina is practical, compact, feminine and high end. If you wish to  splurge on quality footwear (we say 'cost per wear' is always a good barometer!) And if like us you totter around in heels all day then these are a must. We at  The Amazing Blog we can't recommend Bagllerina enough. Our Executive Ed is now the proud owner of a black nappa pair and is now swanking around the office in them (not that we're jealous or anything grrrr....!)

You can purchase Bagllerina direct from their French website - the outdoor range retail at 129€ and the indoor at 69€. OR you can find a selection on Style-Passport for £110



Wally Pockets

As summer draws near, and this glorious weather continues, I’m sure a lot of you are just itching to show off your green thumb. With the Chelsea Flower Show this week, there’s no shortage of inspiration for you to liven up your garden or flower boxes this summer. And whilst we know that the gorgeous displays at the show are slightly (completely) unattainable, The Amazing Blog has found a great way for you to make the most of your garden spaces, Wally Pockets from Garden Beet.

These innovative garden accessories are perfect for maximizing any space, indoor or outdoor. You can keep up with the new trend of ‘vertical gardens’ and ‘living walls’ with Wally Pockets, there’s no limit to your creativity with them! You simply attach them to your wall, fill them with soil and your chosen plants, and watch them grow. So even if you’re not the most garden savvy, making your outdoor spaces beautiful is easy with Wally Pockets. They’re made from recycled plastic bottles, and are fully lined to stop any dripping, so you’re fine to use them indoors too – they also let your plant’s root systems breathe and grow into healthy plants. You can make your living wall as big or small a you wants, Wally Pockets come  in three sizes, and are available on their website.

Whether you’re looking to grow a few herbs in your kitchen, or rival the displays at the Chelsea Flower Show, Wally Pockets will be your new favourite addition to your garden.