British Biscuit Festival

While most of us don't like to admit it, we all indulge in a biscuit (or five) every once in a while. Whether it's with a nice cuppa or as a sweet snack between salads, nothing compares to a biscuit - chocolate, jam-filled, sugar coated or otherwise. So what better way to show your love and appreciation of this classic treat than at the British Biscuit Festival this weekend.

Some of the features of the first ever Biscuit Festival include the Build-a-Biscuit workshop, the Biscuit Tin Tournament, the Tea and Biscuit Social, the Tea Dance, and possibly the most interesting part of the festival Bisc-ART.  At these events you and your friends will be able to hobnob (I couldn't resist) with other biscuit admirers, make your very own biscuit, or even get creative and make a biscuit masterpiece - if you can resist eating it before you finish! All these events are open for the public, with completely free entry, so you have no excuse not to head over and have a bit of biscuit inspired fun.

The Biscuit Festival is a great day out for the entire family too, with fun events like Guerilla Science that explore different aspects of biscuits, biscuit making and biscuit dunking experiments. Often times I've wondered if there was a a perfect way to dunk a biscuit before it's lost to the depths of my tea - maybe this weekend they'll find out! I'm also pretty sure that kids love biscuits, I'll have to check on it though.

As anyone will tell you, I am definitely not a festival girl, but just this once I think I can make an exception. Head over to the Brunswick Shopping Centre this weekend (8th - 10th) for the British Biscuit Festival!