Sen7 Atomiser

As any of us here at The Amazing Blog can tell you, girls love any beauty product that they can throw in their handbags during the day and their clutches on a night out. Multi-tasking products are what we live for. And we've found a new product that is sure to be your new handbag must-have: the Sen7 atomiser. Me and my girlfriends are all guilty of carrying around full bottles of perfume in our handbags, for emergency spritzes, however bulky they are. And for on-the-go girls, we need as much space as we can get! So to de-clutter and lighten your bags, the Sen7 is perfect. This small, lightweight device works with all perfume bottles to perfectly decant your signature scent and make it so much more portable than carrying around the full bottle! The Sen7 can be filled in 2 ways, with a funnel or with the 'easyfill.' If you're using the funnel, attach the funnel to your Sen7, then pour or spray your perfume into the funnel until it's full. For the 'easyfill,' simply remove the top of your perfume spray (don't worry - it'll go back on), place the Sen7 on top of the perfume nozzle, and fill up your Sen7. They're so handy that you'll wonder how you ever lived without them, I know I'm never without mine! The other great thing about the  Sen7 is the range of colours they come in, you can match them to any bag you have. Along with the bright and colourful Sen7's there are more masculine shades that are perfect for the scent-conscious man in your life. So men, there's no excuse for you not to smell your best at all hours! They're also flight-approved so you don't have to worry about going over your on-board allowances.

Whether it's for a handbag, clutch or carry-on the Sen7 is a beauty must have! Available on the Space.NK website for £25.