Wild Skincare

Whether your skin is dry from cold weather or air conditioning  (you never know in this British 'summer!') you'll be needing a nice moisturiser to keep your skin looking and feeling luscious. There are so many lotions and potions us girls use on our skin, in the office here at The Amazing Blog we always have a variety of them on hand, and one that has become a staple in our beauty stash is Wild Skincare's body butters. Wild body butters are made using the purest plant and tree ingredients from Africa which are also Fair Trade. This natural skincare brand has a range of products that are good for your skin and the planet. They have 5 unique body butters, Warm Sensual with Shea and Baobab, Romantic with Shea and Marula, Zingy with Grapefruit and Kalahari Watermelon, Extra Hydrating with Shea and Cape Chestnut and my favourite, Sensitive with Aloe and Avocado. I found the body butters really moisturising and quick to absorb - a lot of times body butters will just sit on your skin but the Wild ones sink into your skin and get to work on any dry skin you have. The packaging is really fun and bright, and sure to become a must-have in your beauty cabinet. Instead of relying on the typical Shea Butter and Argan oil to moisturise, Wild body butters also use ingredients like Baobab and Marula oils which have unique benefits to create their products.

So treat your skin to a nourishing all natural boost with one of Wild Skincare's body butters. Wild's body butters and soaps are available on their website.