We've all heard every celebrity and their mother rave about juice cleanses. Whether it's the body of Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, or Miranda Kerr you're after, there are hundreds of juice cleanses out there that claim to be the holy grail. As most girls are, I'm constantly on the look out for anything to help me shift a few pounds, and these juice detoxes claim to do that. So, purely in the name of research, I tried the Purifyne Bespoke 1-Day Cleanse to see if juice cleanses really live up to their hype. The juices for your cleanse arrive at your door (or office if you're like me) the day you want to start your cleanse, making sure they're as fresh as possible - after-all they're the only thing going into your body for at least 24 hours. I just thought I'd receive the juices and a pamphlet and be ready to go, but Purifyne makes sure that you know exactly when and how you should be taking your juices. Along with a schedule sheet, you also receive supplements, and a variety of powders to mix into your juices to maximise your cleanse. One of the things that makes the Purifyne cleanses great is the attention to the individual: you have to fill out a client form full of your health concerns to make sure that your Purifyne cleanse is suited to you. Knowing that Purifyne is really looking out for your health and wellness made the whole process a lot easier! Now all the information is out of the way I can tell you how the juices actually tasted! You receive four juices for the 1-Day cleanse, and they're all different. I absolutely love fruits and vegetables so I actually really enjoyed the juices. There were unexpected combinations, such as Melon, Cucumber & Mint, which was my favourite (super refreshing). Along with detoxifying your body, some benefits from a Purifyne cleanse are reduced tiredness, improved digestion, cellulite reduction and improved sleep.

Now of course you could go to the shop and stock up on lemon juice and cayenne pepper, but if you want to be healthy and smart about your cleanse, do some research and find which one will work best for you. Onto the results of the cleanse. I did lose 3 pounds after my 1-day cleanse, which while not massive, is definitely something. I really did feel like my body had detoxed itself a bit, I can't describe it well, but you just feel a bit fresher. I'm not sure if I would have enough will power to do a longer cleanse, but having a result like that would be motivation in the future. The juices tasted lovely, Purifyne were helpful and health conscious throughout the entire process, and it was all in all a great experience!

If you would like to do a Purifyne cleanse, make sure you consult your doctor first. Cleanses are available from £85.00 to book on their website, and they have a variety of detoxifying cleanses to suit your lifestyle. Delivery is also free within London. Happy cleansing!