We girls at The Amazing Blog know the importance of staying hydrated. But whether you're a self-confessed gym bunny, are keeping cool during the (occasional) spells of sunshine or simply sipping fluids on a day-to-day basis, sometimes water just doesn't cut it. Yes, it's good for you; but while it might flushes out toxins and keep skin glowing, it tastes kind of bland right?

Thankfully, we recently came across Cocofina Coconut Juice, whose special properties put H20 to shame. Cocofina Coconut Juice or Coconut Water is the clear liquid found within young green coconuts. As the name suggest its made from the finest small coconuts at their water ready peak hence the name 'Cocofina'. What is special about these coconut water drinks is their infusions. We loved all the different flavour combinations of  Cocofina Coconut Juice with Pineapple and Lime (very zesty and refreshing), the Cocofina Coconut with Apple and Blueberry (deliciously fruity) and their Cocofina Coconut with Tea and Passionfruit (aromatic and sweet).

Many people don't realise that coconut juice is one of nature's superfluids, and with such an acolade comes a huge amount of health benefits. Cocofina is naturally isotonic, meaning that it rehydrates faster than water and is naturally low in both fat and cholesterol, with no added sugar. In addition it's a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Potassium, Iron, Calcium and Magnesium.

With a refreshing, fruity taste and so packed with goodness, Cocofina has become The Amazing Blog's favourite new drink and it's no surprise that it won Gold in the Soft Drink category at the Excellence In Food And Drink Awards! Oh, and finally - it's brilliant for hangovers having been tried and tested by staff at The Amazing Blog - so certainly a must have in this office!