PainNoMore Massage Lotion

No matter how much you train, running a 20 mile marathon or spending a whole afternoon at the gym will leave your muscles burning. At The Amazing Blog we've found the PainNoMore Massage Lotion - a good all rounder that will relieve the pain after working out. PainNoMore is a unique massage lotion combining collagen (ideal for protecting and repairing muscle, cartilage and bone and facilitating joint movility) and aloe vera (an effective anti-inflammatory), that provides instant pain relief from the outside in.

PainNoMore is designed for those who demand a quick relief from sporting injuries and aches, helping protect the body and alliviating pains. PainNoMore provides a deep-heat sensation and acts as an antidote for muscle and joint pain, tired and aching muscles, sore limbs, neck tension and headaches, cramps and burning leg sensations - so a very effective multi-tasking product. The product comes in a handy 100 ml tube that you can throw into your bag. Apply a thin layer where and when needed and gently massage until absorbed before and after exercise to relax muscles and prevent stiffness.

PainNoMore is prices £13.95 for one tube or £36 for3 tubes. For more information or to order visit Look And Health. PainNoMore is a winner for The Amazing Blog - so if you suffer everytime you finish exercising, this fabulous cream may be the answer.