Pulsin's Bēond Bars

At The Amazing Blog we can't get enough of  The Olympics - Team GB is doing fantastically well and we couldn't be happier! So with only five more days of the Olympics left, and surrounded by this inspiring and sporty atmosphere, we've given up drinking Coke and eating biscuits (which I can assure you wasn't easy) . In our mission to be healthier we found a rather tasty snack - enter Pulsin's Bēond Bars. Made from 100% raw ingredients and packed with goodness, these Bēond Bars certainly merited  their recent award as the Best New Organic Food Product  at Natural and Organic Products Show. They are vegan and vegetarian, gluten-free and contain no added sugar - a definite healthy snack suitable for everyone. The Bēond Bars come in two delicious flavours: the Bēond Raw Choc that contains single estate raw chocolate from Peru, dates, almonds and raisins; and the Bēond Açai Berry with almonds, dates, açai berry and raspberry. The texture of the bars is very soft and slightly chewy so they can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.


Moreover, Bēond Bars are made using renewable wind energy from Ecotricity and 1% of all sales go to the Bee Guardian Foundation - where they help to protect bee diversity. The three founders of Bēond believe that healthy populations and traditional farming methods are essential to a balanced ecosystem - reason why they support the Bee Guardian Foundation. So if you're fed up with your regular snacks and you're willing to change your eating habits, Pulsin's Bēond Bars may be the answer for you - and at the same time, you'll be supporting renewable energies.You can purchase Bēond Bars at Wholefoods Markets stores, Planet Organic stores, Revital Stores, Nutri Centre stores and a growing amount of independent shops. They are also available online at Pulsin'. The RRP in stores is £1.39 per bar - we think this is good value considering all the deliciousness they offer.