Pet Water Bottle

On our walks and journeys in the car during the hot weather I always have the conundrum of how to transport water for Mojai – even on short our commute to The Amazing Blog offices. Although as a sophisticated London dog, who frequently joins me to dine in the finest gastro pubs (and the odd dog-friendly restaurant) he has learnt to drink from a glass. Yes he happily laps away from any human’s glass - what a clever doggy he is! However, the point is I need a container for our trips and of course only the best will do for my pet.

Thankfully, I was recently introduced to the stylish The Pet Water Bottle it is made of the finest stainless steel It has a large opening making it easy to clean and refill.  Both the spout and the cap are made from a BPA free, food-grade quality, FDA specified polypropylene, meaning it's healthy for your dog and for the environment. It also has a unique patented floating ball that releases just enough drinking water for a single sip – so it reduces waste. I had my doubts whether my old boy would be able to master such a thing (i.e. you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…) But he soon mastered the bottle cheerfully licking away (see above photo). This Pet Water Bottle currently has 11 different designs, it conveniently hooks onto a belt or handbag and comes in two sizes 500ml and 750ml, prices start from £12.99 and they are available at The Pet Water Bottle. They are doing a Giveaway on their Twitter so please follow when they reach 100 followers they will select a winner.

Little known fact: Did you know that when dogs drink that their tongue curls backwards and under? This is how they cleverly ‘hook’ the water into their mouths without wastage – i.e. if their tongue curled upwards.