Bianca Marton's Fine Handmade Chocolates

As you all know, at The Amazing Blog we like to treat ourselves to delicious delicacies - we all love our afternoon tea and coffee, especially if we've got yummy bits to go with them. And so we were rather excited to receive a beautifully wrapped box of Bianca Marton's Handmade Luxury Truffles particularly after hearing so many good things about them.

Bianca Marton offers great handmade dairy free chocolate truffles made with high quality chocolates and 100% natural ingredients, organically grown when possible, and suitable for vegans. She makes 16 different types of delicious truffles: Strawberry, Summer Berry, Dark Orange, Cinnamon, Poppy Seed, Hazelnut, Whiskey, Champagne, Unicum, Plum Schnapps, Sea-Salted Caramel, Organic Dark Chocolate, Fresh Mint, Mango and Chili, Coconut and Dark Raspberry - all of which are as scrumptious as they sound! Our personal favourites were the Sea-Salted Caramel and the Dark Orange, both of which had a rich flavour and just the right amount of chocolate.

You can purchase these exquisite truffles from Bianca Marton's website - choosing between Fruity Dairy Free, Dairy Free or After Dinner Special (these contain alcohol) selection boxes of 12, 18 or 24 truffles; or you can also choose individual truffles.

At The Amazing Blog we think Bianca Marton's Handmade Truffles are perfect for dessert, to go with your tea or simply as a self-indulgent treat if you're feeling particularly decadent!

The box of 24 retails for £25, the 18 one for £19 and the 12 one for £13. If you wish to purchase them individually, each truffle is £1.50.