Colour Xtreme Hair Art

Following the cool trend of brightly coloured dip dyed hair of this summer, at The Amazing Blog we haven't been brave enough to use actual hair dye to change our hair looks, so instead of taking the risk of using permanent colouring and not liking the result, we opted for Colour Xtreme Hair Art - temporary colour sprays that wash off using your regular shampoo. So if what you're looking for is permanent colouring, the Colour Xtreme Hair Art sprays may not be for you; however, if you just want to have a bit fun or wish a bit of a change, these may be your cup tea. Colour Xtreme Hair Art offers three kits: the Peacock Hair Art Kit (green, blue and black), the Leopard Hair Art Kit (white, purple and black) and the Union Jack Hair Kit (red, blue and white). Each of these kits comes with a stencil with the shape chosen (peacock, leopard or Union Jack) and detailed information referring to the steps to take in order to get the correct shape. You can purchase the sprays separately if you wish, there are 8 vibrant colours to choose from and they're suitable for every hair colour, even those with really dark hair.

So if you're looking for a bit of a change, whether you're going out with your friends or attending a festival, Colour Xtreme Art Hair will help by making you feel a little special for that fun occasion. You can purchase Colour Xtreme Hair Art from their website, Boots and Amazon. Each individual spray retails at £3.99 and the kits at £12.00.