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Spoolies – Hair Curlers and Beach Waves & Curls Leave-In Curl Enhancer

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When you think of hair curling, three options usually come to mind: an expensive appointment at the hair salon, a hot and hard-to-use curling iron, or ugly round hair rollers our grandmothers once used. These options have many disadvantages, but most of us settled for at least one! Many of us at The Amazing Blog use a curling iron and usually need a friend’s help to curl the back of our hair. We’re happy to say that these problems are long in the past with Spoolies, which offers a fun, no heat, and inexpensive solution.

Most of us have seen hair rollers before, whether in real life or in movies from the 50s and 60s, where women wearing nightgowns spend hours carefully putting up their hair before bed. Spoolies founder Jeanne C. James decided to ‘create classic curls with a modern twist’ for women of today with Spoolies Hair Curlers. The curlers are easy to use and effective for even the finest or straightest hair. Instead of plastic, they’re made with durable and high-quality hypoallergenic silicon, but still light and portable for easy travelling. They are also heat proof to hair dryers if you want to speed up the curling process.

For enhanced waves, Spoolies offers the Beach Waves & Curls Leave-In Curl Enhancer, which you should spray into hair before using the curlers. It is infused with Crambe abyssinica seed oil to nourish, hydrate, and volumise hair while improving the look of curls and not weighing your hair down. It can be used on wet or dry hair and is sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free. The hair curlers work very well with the spray for tighter curls, but we found we got more natural-looking waves without water.

The hair curlers come in two sizes (medium and jumbo) to create a variety of hairstyles from loose waves to ringlets. Spoolies also has a variety of colours including blue, pink, black, and silver. The price of the hair curlers varies depending on how many you want, but we found the best deal was the ‘15 pc – Jumbo Spoolies in Mesh Bag, Beachy Blue’ kit. The kit gives you more than enough hair curlers to share with friends and a quality bag to store them in. You can purchase the kit here on Amazon for £35.95 and the Leave-In Curl Enhancer on the Spoolies US website here for $17.99.

Moliabal Milano Luxury Hair Accessories

blog It seems to be that April showers, bring on May flowers to prepare us for June weddings… And the wedding season is now upon us here at The Amazing Blog. It is one of the most joyful times of the year. Seeing the bride walk down the aisle and the look on her groom's face, as he sees his bride for the first time is what makes weddings so romantic. As the couple’s love is being celebrated, weddings are also an opportunity for guests to put on their best 'bib and tucker' and play up their wardrobes. And the most important fashion accessory for  me on this occasion is a headpiece. Long gone are the big brimmed hats (remember how they annoyingly obscured the view of the bride in the church?) So I decided to do a bit of  research for some delicate headpieces for my wedding occasion and discovered Milano Luxury Hair Accessories. In fact  this very day, I opened a package from them!

The headpiece embodies everything that I wanted for my outfit for my June wedding the Moliabal Milano truly got it right. These luxury hair accessories provide a flare of elegance and a fun bold look that any women could adorn on their head. No matter the season or the occasion. I personally can’t wait to wear this black headband with the roses. It will go perfectly with my outfit, and it has roses on top (A perfect flower for a wedding, one might say).

Ranging in a variety of different styles:  From Headbands, French Pins, Snap Pins, Combs & Claws to Ponytail Holders, you are sure to find the right hair accessory for any special occasion. In fact, finding it difficult to buy an exciting headpiece, Monica Masini took it upon herself to created Moliabal Milano, one of the very first luxury Italian hair accessory lines. Drawing on inspiration from her three friends’ names: Licia, Abele and Alberto, and her name  the brand Moliabal was born.  These handmade headpieces the range of come in a stylish and classic monochrome (which is what I have chosen) however they also come in vibrant colours too.

All products are packaged in a black organza bag and these fabulous accessories price range is from £15 to 125. Moliabal Milano's hair accessories are  currently available in store at Fortnum & Mason London and from the end July on . Dear readers,  unfortunately their website  is currently down and won't be live again until August - apologies from them. But don't despair as they also have a live Facebook  page so you can have a quick peak at their other products there.

Colour Xtreme Hair Art

Following the cool trend of brightly coloured dip dyed hair of this summer, at The Amazing Blog we haven't been brave enough to use actual hair dye to change our hair looks, so instead of taking the risk of using permanent colouring and not liking the result, we opted for Colour Xtreme Hair Art - temporary colour sprays that wash off using your regular shampoo. So if what you're looking for is permanent colouring, the Colour Xtreme Hair Art sprays may not be for you; however, if you just want to have a bit fun or wish a bit of a change, these may be your cup tea. Colour Xtreme Hair Art offers three kits: the Peacock Hair Art Kit (green, blue and black), the Leopard Hair Art Kit (white, purple and black) and the Union Jack Hair Kit (red, blue and white). Each of these kits comes with a stencil with the shape chosen (peacock, leopard or Union Jack) and detailed information referring to the steps to take in order to get the correct shape. You can purchase the sprays separately if you wish, there are 8 vibrant colours to choose from and they're suitable for every hair colour, even those with really dark hair.

So if you're looking for a bit of a change, whether you're going out with your friends or attending a festival, Colour Xtreme Art Hair will help by making you feel a little special for that fun occasion. You can purchase Colour Xtreme Hair Art from their website, Boots and Amazon. Each individual spray retails at £3.99 and the kits at £12.00.