Soda Crystals

Due to the current economic climate we have all felt the pressure to adjust our spending and make steps to tighten the purse strings in some way or other. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have been looking for thrifty ways to make savings in the home and find any useful alternatives to pass on to you, our readers. During the Second World War posters urged the British to ‘make do and mend’ as luxuries were rare and basic supplies such as soap were rationed. As a result, alternative products such as Soda Crystals became a favourite for laundry and cleaning along with other traditional products such as White Vinegar.

We recently channelled our inner 'Kim and Aggie' and came across Dri-Pak, who offer traditional cleaning products including Soda Crystals, White Vinegar and Liquid Soap Flakes which have been used for generations thanks to their effective cleaning properties. Not only are they multi-purpose (and contain less chemicals than modern washing powders and detergents), but they are also extremely simple to use, not to mention economical. For under a pound for a 1kg bag, Soda Crystals have hundreds of uses around the home, from unblocking slow-draining sinks to clearing a driveway of moss, removing laundry stains like grease, ink and blood and removing burnt on residue in pots and pans. On top of that, Soda Crystals don’t damage the environment like modern household detergents and leave the unpleasant smell of bleach around your home. For tougher tasks such as cooker tops and sinks, Dri-Pak offer Liquid Soda Crystals which are available in a handy trigger spray bottle for easy application and also contain added biodegradable detergents.

Soda Crystals are available in all major supermarkets and hardware stores, with a RRP of 93p. For further information on the full range of Dri-Pak go to their website or call 01159 325 165.