PAYOT My Payot Masque Intensive Radiance Mask

Whenever I have a fancy dinner or going out with my friends for a big night out (this is more likely to happen), I love taking my time to get ready – I lock myself in the bathroom and let the ritual begin. When it comes to skin, I want it to look healthy and glowy – I don’t tend to wear heavy coverage base products at all, I prefer packing good skincare onto my skin and use little make-up. One of the products that I’ve added to my routine quite recently and that has quickly become one of my favourites is the PAYOT My Payot Masque Intensive Radiance Mask. An orangy gel-based mask that leaves my skin feeling fresh and radiant. PAYOT have launched My Payot, a new range of products with Superfruits extracts: Goji Berry, that protects the skin from free radicals and stimulates cells’ energy; and Acai Berries, rich in plyphenols that stimulate blood circulation to reactivate skin’s radiance. Each formula of the My Payot range contains an extract of Active Bifidus that reinforces the natural defences against external aggressions. Whenever I removed the mask after 10 minutes, my skin was soothed, feeling fresh and very soft – my make-up was applied beautifully afterwards.

PAYOT describe this radiance boosting mask as the “revitalising care for the day-after-the-night-before”, and at The Amazing Blog we couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re about to go out, or feeling tired after a big night, My Payot Intensive Radiance Mask works making your skin look healthy and boosting its energy - I've found that applying it once a week is enough for my skin to see the results.

My Payot Intensive Radiance Mask retails at £22.50. In order to find a PAYOT stockist in your area, visit their official website for more information.