Zglow Blueberry Antioxidant Mask


Today, The Amazing Blog has quite the treat for you all. This intensely hydrating Blueberry Antioxidant Mask from zglow is so deliciously scented that we’re almost tempted to take a taste! Instead, we let our skin drink up this treat made of 100% organic ingredients. Zglow is a US skincare brand that cares about what ingredients are absorbed into the skin, the environment, and our animal friends. This is something that always sparks our interest, particularly since they proudly boast to be organic, paraben, chemical and BPA free, vegan, non-toxic, and never tested on animals.

This creamy face mask is filled to the brim with ripened blueberries and white tea, which do wonders for cell rejuvenation and the removal of dead skin cells. Blueberries are little antioxidant powerhouses and this face mask is full of all of their skin-loving vitamins. It is highly recommended for dry to normal, sensitive or mature skin types. Our favourite way to use it is as a base for our makeup, especially those of us who struggle with pesky dry patches that can cause your makeup to appear flaky. We simply apply a pea size amount all over the skin, let it soak in for a few minutes, and continue on with our make-up routine.

This mask glides on and over dry patches to make our skin brighter, while helping to reduce redness. When we really need to pack in a punch of serious hydration, we exfoliate the skin in the shower and then apply a generous amount over the face and neck.  Relax for 10-15 minutes, as the mask works its magic. Then simply rinse and follow with your regular moisturiser. We also used the Blueberry Antioxidant Mask overnight. Just remember to always wipe away any excess before hitting the pillow. Of course, our favourite part is the fact that it smells just like blueberry pie. The Blueberry Antioxidant Mask is available for purchase here on the US website for $27 plus international postal shipping charges of $14.

AT Beauty’s Snail Extract Intelligent Mask

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Although we believe that beauty is ageless, The Amazing Blog understands that preventing wrinkles is a priority for some – and we have just the product for you.  After featuring A.T Antao’s Oh My Glide Eyeliner, it is no surprise that we would be covering the company again.  A.T launched its Intelligent Sleep Mask that improves elasticity and softness.  Its secret ingredient? Snail extract. Yes, you read that correctly.

As a luxury cosmetics brand, it’s only fitting the company prides itself on their useful and high-quality products. Teniya Tao, founder of A.T, uses hidden beauty secrets from China. The mask contains snail helix dispersa muller – an ingredient frequently used in ancient China. The ingredient’s properties are known for its remedial benefits which are both hydrating and soothing. In addition to elasticity improvement, the mask balances oil levels and minimises pores.

To use this product, gently massage the mask in upward strokes, apply lightly at night to the face, neck and décolletage; it is perfect for waking up with a  soft, silky nourished complexion. While we questioned the snail extract at first, we actually regret not trying this product sooner. It comes in a very stylish red pot with a spatula for application. And just in case you are wondering, the mask is odourless in an opaque gel.  You can purchase an 80g tub of AT’s Snail Extract Intelligent Mask here for £22.80.

Eleni and Chris Bio-Cellulose Age Renewal Face and Eye Mask

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As regular readers of The Amazing Blog will know, we're big advocates of Scandinavian skincare. Today we're featuring the latest #amazingfind from one of our favourite the beauty brand Eleni and Chris. They were kind enough to send us their brand new revolutionary Bio-Cellulose Age Renewal Face and Eye Masks to try. Which of course, contain the purest Scandinavian ingredients to help give our skin the extra love and care it deserves. In the past, we've enjoyed using their other masks: Glow, Hydrate and Detox Sincell Face Masks. So it's safe to say we had high expectations for these new Age Renewal Masks

The first key skin-loving ingredient found in both the Face and Eye Mask is the Cloudberry extract. This powerhouse ingredient increases cell production by 22% within 24 hours, which in turn encourages the skin to be noticeably smoother, plumping up any wrinkles or fine lines. The Scandinavian Glacier Water used in these masks is carefully sourced from remote mountainous regions for its purity. This ingredient helps to maintain osmotic balance for more refreshed and invigorated skin. The Caviar extract here is essential to improving the elasticity of skin, which significantly helps to reduce the signs of ageing. These luxurious masks are perfect for every skin type; what we particularly like is that they don’t use any perfumes, preservatives or mineral oils which typically irritate the skin. We used these masks 1-2 times a week before bed for around 15-20 minutes, making sure to massage all the pampering liquid ingredients into our skin afterwards. The effect resulted in a firmer (NB: Not tighter!) more moisturised complexion, we really liked the way it made our skin look and feel.

The Bio-Cellulose Age Renewal Face Masks are available here for €19 each, or you can purchase a 6-pack here for €95. The Eye Masks are available here for €8 each or you can purchase a 6-pack here for €44.

Heel Rescue and Foot Mask - Kaeso Pedicure

Here at The Amazing Blog, we like to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, there is a part of our body that is often neglected: our feet! That’s why we were happy to try the Foot Mask and the Heel Rescue Cream by Kaeso Pedicure. After a long day of running from meeting to meeting, our poor feet need a good pampering session.

Formulated with Menthol, known to relieve minor muscle pain, and Peppermint, which helps to cool and soothe, the Foot Mask promises to moisturise and relieve dry skin. To use it, you just have to generously apply and wrap your foot in a towel for 15 minutes. The mask has a rich, soft texture that isn’t at all sticky. It gives the sensation of refreshed and energised skin. We especially love the blend of Menthol and Peppermint—it smells amazing, setting it apart from traditional foot products!

In this Kaeso Pedicure kit you can also find a Heel Rescue Cream, a product you’ll find yourself addicted to with the return of sandals! Blended with Coconut Oil, Peppermint, and Tea Tree (known for its natural healing properties), the cream promises to deeply moisturise, re-hydrate, and relieve cracked skin. The cream is rapidly absorbed through skin and has a silky finish. Our heels seem to be nourished thanks to this fragrant mix of Banana and Peppermint. We also find the packaging to be extremely convenient because it distributes just the right amount of product! Even better, Kaeso’s products are a really great value for money, which is good news for all of our wallets.

Grab a 250ml bottle of the Foot Mask here for £3.75 and a 150ml bottle of the Heel Rescue Cream here for £3.80.

Funny Bee Paris - Honey Magic

We here at The Amazing Blog care about love skincare products that deeply cleanse our skin without stripping our skin of its natural moisture. With the Honey Magic Cleansing Balm from Funny Bee Paris, we get the best of both worlds, since it hydrates deeply while cleansing skin. It’s simply un-bee-lievable!

This 2-in-1 formula is gentle enough for daily use and can be used as both a cleanser and a moisturiser. To use as a cleanser, simply rub the oil in between your palms, massage into skin and rinse with warm water. If you’d rather use it as a mask, apply it to your skin and leave it on for five minutes before massaging into skin and rinsing clean.

It contains organic honey, jojoba and omega-3 oils to gently nourish and hydrate skin. It can even be applied near the eye area to prevent crow’s feet. We loved how well it moisturised our skin without irritation. Plus, it smells lovely due to all of the essential oils it contains, so it relaxed us as well.

You can purchase Honey Magic here for £25.