Dragon's Blood Zum Rub

As winter takes hold and the temperature drops, I can feel my skin getting chapped by the cold. I’ve tried so many different moisturisers and lotions in the past, but nothing seems to permanently rid my skin of its dryness. I’m not a big fan of products that are thick and sit on your skin and cause it to feel oily – my perfect product is one that soaks into your skin, keeping it moisturised for hours after application. I need something both light and moisturising, and even better if it’s lightly scented. And so, we at The Amazing Blog were overjoyed when we found Dragon’s Blood Zum Rub.

Dragon’s blood has been used as a healing agent for years. The all natural ingredients come from a fruit called Daemonorops, extracted from trees that are indigenous to the Canary Islands, Morocco, and Indonesia. Coconut oil, natural beeswax, organic shea butter, and vitamin E are just a few of the wonderful ingredients included in this miracle rub. The contents of this moisturiser help breathe new life into dry skin. The Zum Rub can be used on cracked heels, split cuticles, dry hands and elbows, and any other areas where you have dry or scaly skin. This product not only moisturises your skin, but also has a wonderful exotic scent to go along with it that leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling fab!

This solid moisturiser is packaged in a 70g tin designed for “on-the-go” lifestyles and is the perfect size to carry in your bag. This Dragon’s blood product is an amazing “superfood” for any skin type. We've also tried their Shea Butter Bath Salts and the Goat's Milk Soap and loved them too. They left our skin soft and smellin fresh. It can be purchased on Eterno Natural's websitehere or online at selected retailers including Amazon, prices start at £8.