House of Argan - Argan Seasoning Oil

  Cosmetic companies jumped into the bandwagon of argan oil more than a year ago - many brands have enriched their formulas with this gold liquid that everybody seems to be talking about, whether because it nourishes your hair like nothing else or just because it's a dream for those with dry skin. However, if someone ever told me that Argan oil could be used as a dressing oil, I simply wouldn't believe it... perhaps because the cosmetic side of it is the only one consumers reach to see. House of Argan has made me realise that Argan oil is a real all rounder when I tried their Argan Seasoning Oil as a salad dressing!

House of Argan's Seasoning Oil is 100% cold pressed edible Argan Oil made with no preservatives - it contains double the vitamins of ordinary olive oil and it's Certified Organic. Its taste is quite nutty which makes it ideal for using as a salad dressing and for seasoning meat and fish - you should note that Argan oil loses its nutritional benefits once heated so for best results it should be used in cold dishes or after cooking, before serving. One of the things that caught our attention of this oil was its runny and light consistency which in my case, helped me digest it more easily.

Argan Oil is packed with goodness; the high level of Linoleic Acid - an essential fatty acid - helps to improve the heart and circulatory function. One tablespoon a day of this oil is an effective and natural method of keeping cholesterol levels under control and helping prevent heart disease too. Moreover, and as we all well know because of the way it's marketed,  it regenerates the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also assists in the treatment of skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea and Acne. At The Amazing Blog we love multipurpose products, and now it seems that the coveted by beauty experts gold liquid is one of them; not only can it make you look amazing, but it can make you feel amazing too!

If you want to have a look at the full range of products by House of Argan (cosmetic and non-cosmetic) and purchase their organic and natural products, visit their website. The Argan Seasoning Oil retails at £28.75.