Alva lipsticks

I’ve never been a fan of nude lipsticks. If, two weeks ago, someone asked me my opinion on them I would’ve said something like: “I find them rather pointless… I’d rather wear lip balm”. Nude lipsticks are difficult to wear – some can make you look like you’re dead, and others can make your lips look chapped… However, when a nude lipstick is the correct colour for your skin and lip pigmentation, the effect is absolutely stunning. Two weeks ago I came across with Alva and their certified organic make up range, and their lipsticks impressed me very much.

These lipsticks are enriched with Castor Oil (guarantees a silky feel to the lips), Apricot Oil, natural Vitamin E, Indian Pongamia Glabra seed oil and Cocoa Butter to nourish and deliver moisture. The texture of the lipsticks is creamy and moisturising, perfect for the colder months. My favourite shade of the whole range is Pearl Pink, a sheer light pink perfect for everyday wear – it’s long-lasting and fades beautifully leaving a balmy feeling on your lips. Whenever it wears off and I don’t feel like applying more colour to my lips, I tend to pat lipbalm on my lips and I’m good to go.

 Alva lipsticks’ colour range is limited but one can find beautiful Autumn/Winter colours such as Dark Red and Hot Red. At The Amazing Blog we’re very pleased with Alva’s lipsticks, they’re certified organic and vegan… and we’ve found the perfect everyday nude colour! (such an achievement for me…)

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