Lavera – Organic Lip Balm and Matt n Stay Lipstick

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It’s not always easy to find an organic long-lasting matt lipstick or an organic lip balm with an SPF. That’s why we at The Amazing Blog have combined two lip products to review from one of our favourite organic beauty brands Lavera. As regular readers will know we’ve recently reviewed their Powerful Lashes and their SOS help lip balm so when we saw they had two new lip products Lip Balm and Mat’n Stay lipstick, we had to try them.

Lavera’s Organic Lip Balm range is composed of 3 different lip balms: The Protect and Repair made from organic pomegranate and argan oil, The Pearly Pink, Sun Care Lip Balm with an SPF of 10 and Basis Sensitive made of a green Hydro Protection Complex. We tried the Lavera Organic Lip Balm - Pearly Pink, which wowed us with its light pink shade that stays on the lips. The formula is very rich and will moisturise and nourish your dry lips. The lip balm is organic and free of mineral oil with active ingredients like almond oil and mallow to moisturise and help prevent irritation to sensitive lips. Their New Green Beauty Complex consists of active ingredients like coconut oil which prevents lips to cracked, cocoa butter which nourishes the lips and shea butter which moisturises and soothes dry lips. We like using this as it gave a subtle blush of colour and stopped our lips from feeling dry.

As for New the Lavera Matt'n Stay Lips is 2 in 1. Indeed, they all give a lovely colour to your lips and while at the same time, they soften and moisturise. The matte lipstick has only natural pigments all of which give them their pretty colours. It is made up of a flower butter composed of rose, mallow and linden all to aid moisture and nourish the lips. The range is composed of 6 colours: Plum, Pink, Berry, Rose, Peach and Red. We tried the Lavera Matt'n Stay in Rose and loved it. The application is effortless thanks to the pencil lipstick, we applied first at the centre on our lips then move outwards.

We highly recommend both these products and you can purchase the Lavera Organic Lip Balm - Pearly Pink in 4.5g for £4.95 here and New Lavera Matt'n Stay Lips - Matt'n Rose in 3.1g for £10.90 here .

LOLA Make Up by Perse


Here at The Amazing Blog, we are always looking to expand our make-up bag with the latest and greatest products. Recently, we have been loving LOLA, Makeup by Perse. We previously raved about LOLA's Matte Long-Lasing Lipstick in the past hereso we were thrilled to get the opportunity to try out some more of their productsAll of their professional quality products are affordable, cruelty-free, designed by make-up artists and beauty experts. In addition to their wide array of makeup products, LOLA also offers nail polish and makeup accessories online on their website.

We understand that a good primer can make or break any makeup look. With the help of a good primer, you can ensure that your make-up will last for hours at a time.  The Illuminating Base primer by LOLA has certainly not disappointed, this Illuminating Base is made out of diamond core powder and micro mineral pearls. These ingredients help to create a more even looking skin tone that will bring out your skin’s natural glow. The Illuminating Base is also oil-free, which helps to leave your face feeling light and smooth. You will find that the appearance of your pores and fine lines will be reduced when you apply the product under your foundation. The product is also incredibly easy to use. You simply apply a pea-sized amount of the product to the entire face using your fingers or a brush.

Another great LOLA product that we've been using is their Concealer Pen. This product helps you to flawlessly hide under eye dark circles and any other imperfections you may want to cover up. This liquid concealer comes with a convenient built-in brush to assist with the blending of the product onto the skin. The application is so simple you can apply it on the go if need be. The concealer contains pearl-coated pigments that make your skin radiate light and help you to appear more awake. The pen comes in three different shades so you can find one that matches your skin tone. 

Finally, another one of our other favourite LOLA products is their Ultra High Shine Gloss. This is the perfect lip gloss to finish off and perfect your make-up look. The gloss is available in 10 different shades, so you can test out different shades to find your favourite. Each gloss has a hyaluronic acid filling that adds volume to your lips after just one use. In addition, there is an active vitamin complex that ensures that your lips stay moisturised and soft. The glosses can be used on their own or with any LOLA lipstick, ensuring that your lips get a shiny finish. We tried out the clear gloss (010) and our lips were glistening all night long. 

You can purchase the Illuminating Base here for £13.95, the Concealer Pen here for £15.95 and the Ultra High Shine Gloss here for £5.95.

Lipstick - Uslu Airlines


With the sun out in full force today, all of us here at The Amazing Blog are in the holiday mood.Unfortunately fo us, holidays are a long way off, but that's not going to dampen anyone's mood as we are sampling Uslu Airlines fun airport-inspired lipstick line. Renowned makeup artist Ferdie Uslu founded the brand and adopted the airport motif after creating her first line around airbrush makeup techniques.  Working with air inspired the brand to name their products after airport codes, giving them a playful cosmopolitan feel, which perfectly reflects the brands exciting and distinctive image.

Each lipstick has a unique shade that embodies the destination they are named after. For example, the pink AMM lipstick is named after the AMM airport in Jordan, which was itself named after Queen Alia. Going into a work meeting with this elegant, reserved and natural pink shade on will make you feel like a queen too. Meanwhile, the dark-plum PAO lipstick mirrors Palo Alto, the edgy home of countless trendy tech companies. What we love about these lipsticks are the different looks you can achieve with them. Apply one layer for a tinted, subtle day look and add a few more layers for a richer, bolder evening look. The versatility means that you only have to carry one lipstick around with you, and if you're a lipstick addict like we are, this is a big plus.

What's more, Uslu Airlines’ lipstick line is cruelty-free and contains Vitamin E, which acts as a repairing oxidant meaning that as well as making your lips look gorgeous, it nourishes them too; this is a far cry from the often drying nature of other mainstream lipsticks. The company is based in Berlin, so, unfortunately, all the product prices are in Euro's, but fear not you can use PayPal to purchase these amazing lipsticks.  Prepare for take-off by choosing from Uslu Airlines’ lipstick line here from about £21.00. 

Friday Favourites - Lipsticks

Lips are such a prominent feature on the face, here at the Amazing Blog we love ours to stand out and ooze confidence. We have chosen a few of our favourite lip products to perfect that pout.

For gorgeous, amplified lips look no further, Rouge Bunny Rouge has you covered with their Swell Bliss XXX Lip Plump Gloss and Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss.

Whether it’s an intense plump your after or a just a glossy enhancement, these glosses will cater for you. The XXX Lip Plump will give you the Angelina Jolie pout in one application, due to the natural Volulip active, an ingredient with the same power as lip filler injections and other benefits of the gloss include anti-ageing and antioxidant properties. If that hasn’t excited you enough, we also tried out the Glassy Gloss in shades Fleur Parfait and Cherry Clafoutis. These felt moisturising and luxurious on the lips without a sticky finish. The use of Rose Seed Extract and Vitamin E works together to also provide anti-ageing and rejuvenating properties. We loved the pearl finish that gave our lips some extra sparkle. If you want the perfectly plumped pout of your dreams, get your own Rouge Bunny Rouge glosses here for £21.08 and here £20.36.  

If you can’t choose between lipgloss and lipstick, if you like a shiny final touch but also a rich and bulky colour, Lipstains Gold from Ultra Glow Cosmetics is the best choice. Lately lip stains have become really popular but to be honest with you we couldn’t really find one product who wouldn’t give us dried lips, but Lipstains Gold with its new formula seems to be something completely innovative.
It’s not just waterproof but also contains moisturising ingredients that will keep your lips soft and kissproof all day long.

The range of shades suits every occasion. We personally love Rose and Red so easy to wear, with a touch of sheer; they definitely plump up our lips and make us feel very feminine. Peony that we like as much, is the best ladylike shade we’ve ever seen with a matte finish.
They’re all available at £5.99 here.

Now if you are more of a matte finish girl, Urban Decay’s new Matte Revolution Lipsticks will be your new best friend. We had the opportunity to try colours Tilt, Bad Blood and After Dark, each colour was extremely pigmented and super creamy. Once you’ve finished admiring the gorgeous colour in the mirror, you’ll notice that even as they dry to a matte finish your lips still retain their moisture. We made the mistake of leaving swatches to dry on our hands, and soon found out that it has some serious staying power!

From the colours we tried, there is one to fit everyone, Tilt is an extremely bright orange-toned red, while Bad Blood is an intense, blue-toned red. For those who are more adventurous, After Dark is a gorgeous deep plum with purple reflects which give it a beautiful sheen in the light. Bring out your matte side, get these creamy lipsticks here for only £15.50.   

We have found our new must-have product of the season, Lip Matters Velvet matte cream. Intense and vibrant pigmentation which will give you a bold and luscious pout, ready for you to hit the town.

Available in 8 different shades, we tried ‘That’ll Peach You’ and ‘Wham Bam Thank You Jam’ and absolutely adored the daring and vibrant look it gave us. With a creamy texture when first applied to your lips, the cream sets quickly into a matte finish giving you an enviable pout. These products are also a bargain costing only £3.99 each. Grab yours for the perfect lips here at Beauty UK.

Niyot Lipstick - Striptease

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love styling our summer outfits with on-trend accessories.  We believe that adding a bright pop of colour is a wonderful way to spice up your look. The easiest way to do this is often through make-up, and so we were delighted to receive a beautifully bright Niyot lipstick, the perfect summer accessory.

Launched by London based make-up artist, Toyin Cayoi, Niyot Beauty boasts a wonderful range of products and colours, from nudes to berry hues, with mattes and cream formulas. We were delighted to embrace the brights when they sent over their juicy pink shade, Striptease. Fabulously creamy and hydrating, this Niyot lippy is brilliant for summer wear. It glides on smoothly, and doesn’t catch in the crevices of your lips, an issue that can be hugely noticeable with more neon shades. One of 12 crème lipsticks in the collection, we’re keen to try out some of the more natural shades. In the meantime, however, we are happy to be sporting a hot pink pout.

Sadly, the brand isn’t yet available in British currency, but watch this space, and in the meantime, their site ships internationally. Pick up the Striptease Crème Lipstick for $25 here, and embrace brights this summer.