Our Favourite Christmas Pet Buys

The last day of our "Favourite Christmas Buys" is dedicated to our pets. At The Amazing Blog we think they definitely deserve celebrating with us, that's why the next items are perfect for those of you who want to treat your pets this Christmas.

Are you sick of the smell in your car after you take your dog for a drive? Or ever wish there was a bed small enough for your pet to comfortably sit on in the back seat? Celia Lindsell has created the perfect solution! Their Lavender Bag for the Car will freshen up the scent of your car and is designed to slip into the side door or be popped into the seat pocket. It can be used as a cushion for your dog to sit on, or even works wonders to keep kids relaxed. The outer cover is finished with press stud poppers, and the entire bag is fully washable. You can purchase the Lavender Bag on their website here for only £16.95.

Paws Couture has a dog carrier bag that we fell in love with. Designed like a tote, this carrier is 100% polyester and waterproof. It has everything someone could be looking for in a simple and stylish dog carrier bag. Your little pup will be comfortable, with the bag strap easily resting on your shoulder.  However, make sure your pet is under  8 kilos or the dog carrier won't take the weight. We were looking at this for Mojai but at portly 8.5 kilos sadly he won't fit! The carrier comes in brown and black and can be purchased on their website for £48.99.

Redhound for dogs has an adorable machine knit Christmas jumper that would look great on any dog (modelled here by our very own Mojai!) It is the perfect fit for small to medium sized dogs and will keep them warm all day and night long. Made of 100% lambswool it makes a glamorous accompaniment to this seasons on-trend  Christmas sweater for humans. They have an array of different snowflake patterns in different colours. You can purchase them on Redhound’s website for £33.00.

Looking for some brilliant handmade treats for your dog this Christmas? Try Hugo and Hennies Christmas Treats and Pup Cakes. These edible treats would make the perfect gift for you or your friend’s dog. They are beautiful and festively packaged and also have a lovely gift tag section on the back. They are made with 100% human grade ingredients, gluten, wheat, and dairy free and have no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. These cute and delicious treats will certainly satisfy your dog. They can be bought on the website here starting at £2.95.

Charley Chau has come up with the perfect solution for dogs who like to snuggle under blankets! Their Snuggle Beds have a cosy Faux-Fur Fleece lined pocket for snuggling so your dog can stay warm and comfy even when you are not home to cuddle with them. The beds come in different patterns and sizes and are fully washable. A cute video example of a dog getting into the bed is attached. You can purchase these fabulous dog beds on Charley Chau’s website here.

Your dog can never have enough toys to play with. Ollie and Mo offer an adorable range of dog toys that would make perfect gifts this Christmas season. Our favourite selections of their toys are the soft, squeaky ones that are mocked off of name brand goods such as the Barkbury, Chewy Vuiton, and the Red Bulldog. These dog toys retail for £7  and can be purchased on Ollie and Mo’s website here.