Merumaya Skincare

We at The Amazing Blog are made up of ladies of a certain age (ahem) which means that we’re forever searching for the key to eternal youth. From super-foods to miracle eye-creams, the market is saturated with products that guarantee younger looking skin in an instant, most of which we’ve tried.

Until recently, we were pretty unimpressed with the results of such endeavours, however, having recently stumbled across Merumaya, such unfulfilled promises may now be a thing of the past. Having spent three decades working at the helm of leading cosmetic brands, Maleka Dattu has recently launched Merumaya Integrative Effective Skincare, made here in the UK. Full of active ingredients that deliver the very best results, the impressive range of products are the very best at anti-ageing. Each product addresses a number of anti-ageing issues, from skin-tone to firmness through to tight circles and minimising pores, and the velvety texture and subtle fragrance means that they’re sure to become staple items on the dressing tables of women nationwide.

We tried the Iconic Youth Serum which contains no less than ten active ingredients to diminish the signs of ageing. Promising to restore both youthful luminosity and radiance, after having used it for a week, there was certainly a noticeable difference. My skin felt much brighter than it usually does; which is quite a feat, particularly given the time of year. So whether you’re looking for prevention or cure give Merumaya’s fabulous range of products a try. Available here.