Tracer Deluxe Stylus

edwina's thursday

We at The Amazing Blog are all frustrated writers, made up of ex-journalists and wannabe wordsmiths. And while in this day and age the vast majority of our writing takes place in a digital format - either on lap tops, iPads or whichever phone we happen to possess, there's something rather nice about about putting a good old fashioned pen to paper and writing away.

Thankfully, we've come across the fabulous new Tracer Deluxe Stylus, which allows us to combine our passion for writing with the joys of modern technology. Made from the people at STM, the Sydney-based company who are known for creating stylish and secure digital accessories, they have certainly struck gold with their latest product. The first of its kind, the Tracey Deluxe Stylus is both a touch screen stylus that can be used on tablets and touch screen phones as well as a two colour pen perfect for taking notes. The soft and durable rubber tip will not scratch your screen and it allows you to accurately draw and type with ease.

Particularly handy for this cold weather when gloves are worn and touch screen phones become near impossible to use, the Tracer Delux Stylus is the perfect accessory for both the technology savvy and those in need of a stylish new pen! Available online and from selected retailers which can be found here.