Tisserand Essential Oil Rollerballs

Tisserand-2If you've followed for a while at The Amazing Blog, you'll already know that we're lovers of essential oils. They're brilliant for the skin, they're natural and above all else they're effective. The girls were particularly  thrilled when we got sent Tisserand's Essential Oil Rollerballs to try - a handy format that allows you to carry these oils full of goodness around, as well as guaranteeing you an easy application. The Lavender Rollerball is ideal to apply to your temples before going to bed, it makes everyday tension vanish - yes and I have tried it! Lavender is well-known for its soothing and relaxing qualities, making it perfect for those tiring and stressful days. It also comforts and soothes dry, blotchy or itchy skin. A definite must-have for any essential oil lovers.
However, if your skin gets easily congested and you're looking for something that helps you balance your skin as well as purifying it, then the Tisserand's Tea Tree Oil Rollerball will be perfect for you. Tea Tree oil is the secret weapon of everyone who, like me, has oily skin. It's a natural anti-bacterial oil with astringent properties. It helps getting rid of blemishes faster without stripping the skin of its moisture (which the girls keep telling me is ideal for my skin). I tend to roll this over the oiliest areas of my face and then rub it in - the morning after my skin feels balanced and hydrated AND best of all it has a neutral smell and absolutely doesn't smell girly (my general fear).  Both these Rollerballs are a very well priced at only £5.50 for 10 ml. Tisserand is one of those brands that The Amazing Blog will alway recommend as their products are natural, simple and effective - so there's not much left to ask for!