Friday Favourites - Anti-Ageing Skincare

The skincare market is so saturated with up-and-coming luxurious products, that it never hurts to have a little help to navigate the choices. We at The Amazing Blog have narrowed down three high-end products that are guaranteed to help your face feel fresh and radiant.

Ageing and its effects on the body is something we should never be ashamed of. However, we believe it’s possible to age with grace while maintaining healthy, fresh, and glowing skin. There are countless anti-ageing products on the market, so it can be overwhelming when faced with the decision of which one to buy. We’ve found that Elizabeth Grant carries a light face cream worth your attention.

Elizabeth Grant International Inc., a sixty-year-old Canadian company, focuses on advancing their luxurious skincare products, highlighting their powerful patented anti-ageing ingredient. Elizabeth Grant started her beauty empire in the UK in the 1950’s, at a time when women owning businesses was extremely unusual (go Elizabeth!) Now, the company is run by Elizabeth, her daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. This company is truly meant for women, by women.

The Torricelumn Age Interception Face Cream, when applied, is light to the touch, non-greasy, and has a lovely cooling effect. Another point we can check off on our list is how quickly it absorbs. The wait time is minimal, plus it has a faint floral scent. This fantastic face cream uses Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s exclusive BioLumaEssence Technology, meaning that it assists the skin in its repair and helps it to recover from harmful effects caused by day-to-day aggressors.

Our skin goes through a lot. Gently massage the Torricelumn Age Interception Face Cream into your face, to fight its tired, and sometimes lacklustre appearance. This cream benefits all skin types and addresses signs of ageing (lines, wrinkles), dryness, uneven skin tone, dullness, and sagging skin.

Elizabeth Grant Torricelumn Age Interception Face Cream 50ml is available here for £39.99.


Everyone’s goal is to have clear skin. We will admit that our secret weapon to a glowing complexion, is that of a trusty exfoliant. Even after we’ve removed our make-up, there are often traces of foundation, dirt, and gunk that get stuck in our pores. Most of the time, make-up wipes and the average face wash don’t suffice. This is why we include an exfoliant, like the Krisana Vigus Gentle Exfoliant, into our routine; it also ensures our skin is soft, clean and ready for the day.

Founder Krisana Vigus has built a name for herself in the fashion world with D&K Fashion LLC, which she launched in 2014. However, she didn’t want to stop there; she began her own skincare line with the philosophy of “…emphasising our honest natural belief policy.”

The Gentle Exfoliant mildly foams to cleanse the skin. The exfoliation power comes from the use of jojoba beads, which are natural exfoliants that unlike other exfoliants, do not leave microscopic tears in the skin. They are gentle, yet effective and natural. Three words we always like to hear. This helps to decongest the skin and minimise those pesky pores.

Of course, the list of skin-loving ingredients doesn’t stop there. This bottle is chock-full of naturally beneficial ingredients like Mukurossi: a natural cleanser that has anti-microbial properties to help reduce inflammation and provides oil control. It is also important to replace moisture in the skin to maintain a healthy balance. The use of Natural Betain does the trick. This raw material is derived from sugar beet molasses, and conditions the skin wonderfully.

The blend of aromatherapy oils makes it perfect for morning or night use. The lovely infusion of lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, and sweet orange are incredibly calming and are known to reduce stress, both mentally and on the skin.

The Kirsana Vigus Gentle Exfoliant 150ml is available for purchase here for $42.



We are back to discuss another product by Babor, a brand we have previously written about. Babor is an outstanding German skincare brand that has been established since 1956. We at The Amazing Blog are huge fans of natural products, so Babor is the perfect skincare brand for us. They’ve also been cruelty-free since the company was founded – yet another reason to love them!

Babor does their scientific research in their headquarters in Germany, where renowned scientists work to find new, innovative and active ingredients to incorporate into skincare products. Babor’s Dual Face Lift Serum is part of their Lifting Cellular range, which comprises of highly concentrated products, working against the signs of ageing. These products reduce signs of wrinkles and provide the skin with elasticity and strength.

The Dual Face Lift Serum is split into two tubes, each containing a serum to tackle specific areas of the face. Apply the V-Shape Serum to your neck, chin and jawline to help firm your skin, and lift your facial contours. The Re-Fill Serum was designed to be used on the forehead and high cheek areas to improve skin density. Babor’s Dual Face Lift Serum is the perfect product if you are looking to keep a youthful V-shape to your face.

So if you want to enjoy your own mini-facelift without any injections, buy the Dual Face Lift Serum here for £139.

Feather & Down – Best Before Bedtime Set and Soothing Body Oil

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Getting a relaxing night’s sleep is not always that easy, we've all experienced being physically tired but our brain is still racing. Getting a full night's rest helps to reduce stress, improve memory, boost energy and keep your heart healthy. These are just a few of the countless benefits of getting enough sleep. Here at The Amazing Blog we love our beauty sleep, so imagine how happy we were to be sent Feather and Down’s 'Sleep Matters' products that help encourage relaxation and improve our sleep habits.  Feather and Down is a UK brand dedicated to providing products that promote a restful night's sleep. These range from body and bath to home fragrance, all with the key ingredients of lavender & chamomile essential oils, which are known to encourage a deeper slumber.

Feather and Down’s ‘Best Before Bedtime Set’ contains a range of products which allow you to unwind and drift off to sleep. The set consists of the brand's Pillow Spray, Melting Shower Cream and one chamomile tea bag. Both the Pillow Spray and the Melting Shower Cream contain lavender and chamomile essential oils. These essential oils promote a calming environment making a good night’s sleep more achievable. The chamomile tea bag is an added bonus in the bedtime set as chamomile tea is known to help you fall asleep faster. One team member was just so impressed with their performance, that they immediately purchased this set in order to gift to a friend.

We also tried the Feather and Down’s Soothing Body Oil as part of our night-time routine. It is commonly known that by massaging lavender and chamomile body oils into the skin muscle tension are alleviated, providing the body with incredible feelings of relaxation. The carrier oil here is a combination of sunflower, almond, jojoba, moringa and argan oils with the key essential of lavender and chamomile. All these help to lock in moisture, provide a soothing scent and prepare your body for a peaceful night's sleep.

Feather and Down's products have certainly been helping to improve our bedtime regime. If you want to purchase a ‘Best Before Bedtime Set’ that includes a Pillow Spray, a Melting Shower Cream and one Chamomile Tea Bag you can here for £5.00. You can also purchase Feather and Down’s Soothing Body Oil here for £8.00.

Bath Oil – Olverum

After a long and busy day, we here at The Amazing Blog love to turn off our working minds by taking a soothing and relaxing soak. When we do so, we like using bath products that we are sure will provide us with the care and relaxation we seek. So, when we received the Olverum's bath oil, we couldn't resist the temptation to experience them. The recipe for Olverum’s Bath Oils is a family secret that has been passed down over decades. In the early 20th Century in Germany Franz Otto Klein, a fine-wine maker, together with his wife, an accomplished pharmacologist, travelled the world to source rare and exquisite essential oils.

Through passion and specialist knowledge, they created a luxurious bath oil made with a mix of carefully selected plant extracts each renowned for having specific therapeutic benefits. The natural essential oils include Eucalyptus, Siberian fir Needle, Verbena, Juniper, Geranium, Lavender, Lime, Rosemary, Lemon and Lavandin. Siberian fir Needle is a long-used ingredient used by native women in the forests of Siberia to soothe aching limbs that Franz and his wife discovered on their travels.

The highly-concentrated oil helps to ease muscle and joint pain, and soften the skin. The aromatherapy benefits of the oil relieve stress, relax the mind and body, and promote a good night sleep, which in turn helps to repair the immune system. The unisex fragrance of the product is universally pleasant and is sure to uplift your mood during your evening bath. This oil offers the ultimate bathing experience, your skin soaks up all the benefits of the oil and is left nourished, relaxed and pampered.

Purchase the Bath Oil here for £29 (125ml), £53 (250ml) or £19 for the travel set (3x 15ml).

Toothpastes and Express Oral Care Foam - Splat

Brushing your teeth; it's something you do every morning and evening, every day of your life. That's why Splat's unique toothpastes intrigued us; it may be fun to shake up this mundane routine. In addition, whitening toothpaste can often be damaging to tooth enamel, which is why Splat’s naturally whitening toothpastes are so tempting to us here at The Amazing Blog.

Splat delivers ethical professional oral care, focusing on natural ingredients that are still effective, all from an environmentally friendly factory. The toothpastes come in an array of exotic and unique flavours, so if you’re somewhat bored of the repetitive mint toothpastes, choose between berries, green tea, lavender and magnolia to name a few. Each flavour has specific ingredients that work to clean your teeth, for example, the Coconut Toothpaste contains coconut oil, cinnamon extract and thyme essential oil which all have antibacterial properties. Our favourites would have to be the Coconut, and the Sea Minerals, which deliver a refreshing and invigorating clean, but the Ginger or Chili ones sure are bound to wake you up in the morning! Splat’s Blackwood Charcoal Toothpaste is peculiar in that it is black in colour, but works to whiten teeth by removing any stains.

Splat also sent us the Express Oral Care Foam, an on-the-go teeth cleaning foam, and winner at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017. Liquorice, milk enzymes and aloe vera gel, amongst other ingredients, work to clean the enamel, prevent the formation of dental plaque and freshen your breath. It is ideal for long journeys, after a staining drink like coffee or red wine, or after sugary foods and drinks. All you do is spray the foam into your mouth, rinse your mouth with the foam briefly and spit it out. We are huge fans of this convenient little product.

Purchase the toothpastes here for prices ranging from £3-8, and the Express Oral Care Foam here for £6.

St Kitts Herbery - Rosemary & Bergamot

Here at The Amazing Blog we love beauty, especially when it’s home grown. So when niche beauty brand St Kitts Herbery sent us a Rosemary and Bergamot gift set to test out, we were all very curious to try them out.

Together with St Kitts Herbery's wonderful Rosemary & Bergamot range, also came their rather special Clay Face Mask.There’s something very charming about products which include a selection of local scented flowers and plants from their area and we also love the way that their Rosemary & Bergamot is home grown too. When they arrived, the scent of the products radiated through the packaging, which made us even more excited to dive in. The shower gel and shampoo used together made showering a flowery delight, and by using the body lotion in tandem too meant that we found that the fragrance lasted even longer... As for the clay face mask, most people are aware of the positive effect of clay on skin but may only ever get the chance to use it in situ if on a holiday excursion in the Red Sea. Now with St Kitts' help, the natural clay facial experience can be recreated in your very own bathroom. The mask has a lovely thick texture, which soaks into the skin and when left on for the recommended time of 10 minutes, leaves it feeling silky soft and refreshed. To think that St Kitts Herbery began life in 2001, with just £2000 and as old truck-stop style cafe in Cornwall, but has since evolved into a gorgeous beauty brand offering perfectly natural yet luxurious products is a very inspirational story indeed.  Certainly their hard work is now reflected in these products and if you’re after something 100% British, natural  and with a luxurious feel then St Kitts Herbery is a must!

The Rosemary & Bergamont Luxury Gift Set and Clay Face Mask can be purchased here for £11.95 each, along with various other delights.