Evans and Peel Detective Agency

Bringing the 1920’s to your doorstep. At Amazing PR we love to experience a new place to kick back our feet and relax. What could be better than experiencing a sexy and scandalous speakeasy in West London? When arriving at Evans and Peel Detective Agency, you are greeted by a detective who takes you down a small staircase to their agency office. Here you have to ‘state your case’ and include the details of why you are here and what your concerns are at this time.


After they listen to your story and ask you a few general questions; they will open a hidden door by pulling a dusty book out of the bookcase and travel back in time…


Once inside the speakeasy everything comes to life from the 1920’s. The detective leads you into a dimly lit, soft spoken bar and restaurant. The waitresses and bartenders all play their own role. Before taking your orders they make sure that you understand the rules so that no one gets in trouble by the police, in case they stop by or hear loud voices. The exposed bricks and the old white tiles give the speakeasy an old-fashioned look. If you sit at the bar you will notice that the bar is constructed from old church pews and each table is old wooden tables that are small to give off an intimate atmosphere.


From the role play to the surreptitious nature of Evans and Peel Detective Agency, you can’t go wrong. With this intimate atmosphere and soft music, this is the perfect place to have a romantic night with that special someone. Surprise your plus one and take them back to the 1920’s and have an evening you won’t forget about.