Wolf Hand Cream for Men

Jose's monday The girls at The Amazing Blog  are all laughing at me… they’re getting their own back on me for teasing them about all their lotions and potions in the office. I’m not really much of a skincare sort of guy but occasionally I do get dry hands and reach for the nearest tube of hand lotion on the desk. Whereby, I let out a shriek in disbelief as I’ve blindly applied some girlie highly fragranced cream all over my hands. Need I say any more? Enter Wolf Hand Cream for Men .

Wolf Hand Cream for Men is a small family business dedicated to providing men with those niche grooming products that women take for granted but for which men still have little or no choice but to use their wife's moisturising creams. First and foremost they see this as a hand cream for men who live life to the full; whether at work or at play, their hands are at the forefront of their activities. So, whether you’re a rugby player, rock climber, canoeist, tree-surgeon or fireman this hand cream is for you.

Now, at last, I have a tube on the desk of my very own (hands off girls!) Wolf Hand cream for Men is unscented, non-greasy in a clear tube with subtle branding. All I have to do is squeeze a small amount and rub in – great for the winter time. No horrible nasties (i.e. parabens) and is not tested on animals. RRP £5 for a 50ml tube – great value! You see the girls have taught me well.