New Zealand & Co. - Manuka Honey & Root Ginger

blog After having the sniffles all of last week,  you know the feeling, all bunged up but not quite at the tissue stage. I decided to dose myself up with something healthy to help suppress any of my hideous cold symptoms and to stop annoying the girls surrounding me at the office. At The Amazing Blog, regular readers will know that we love to try out natural honeys, and  New Zealand and Co. Manuka Honey with Root Ginger  is what we had to hand. Yes, to my amazement with a daily spoonful over the last week, it seems to have done the trick (although not sure I can completely say it was the honey alone!)

Manuka honey is said to be the best in the world and with the addition of root ginger how can you go wrong? New Zealand bees produce Manuka Honey by collecting nectar from the flowers of their native Manuka tree. With the addition of root ginger, it gives the Manuka Honey a tangy and slightly spicy taste. This honey is great to get over a developing cold and helps support your immune system. With New Zealand and Co. 100% Natural Manuka Honey and fresh root ginger, it is great to add it to your morning tea or use it as a marinade. New Zealand and Co. honeys are all natural and their products have no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

With the addition of New Zealand and Co. Manuka Honey and Root Ginger I feel good about drinking my tea and the taste keeps me on my toes. It’s a great way to start my day on a healthy note. You can purchase New Zealand and Co. Manuka Honey and Root Ginger for £10.35 online or in your local Holland and Barrett.

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