Jane Scrivner - Nourishing Cleanser

laras tuesday cleanser A few weeks back we featured on The Amazing Blog Jane Scrivner's Skin Elixir - a luxurious balancing face oil that leaves your skin feeling hydrated, restored and plumped. Today we're lucky enough to be featuring Jane Scrivner's hero product: The Nourishing Cleanser. I've waited quite a while to write this review on purpose - I really wanted to get the most of this cleanser. All I can say is that if I could, I would have a lifetime supply of this and never ever look back.

The product is a luxurious and thick balm cleanser that mixed with a bit of warm water turns into this almost creamy and ever-so soft cleansing milk. I use Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Cleanser every other day; whenever I want to treat my skin or when it's feeling a bit temperamental. This unique balm is Jojoba Oil and Beeswax based blended with 9 skin loving essential oils. Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Balm comes with a Fluffy Mitt that I wet with warm water and I gently rub on my skin to remove the cleanser and any make-up residue. The Fluffy Mitt is soft and it's easily washed in warm water with the rest of your laundry, or in my case, with the rest of my flannels.

The only things that I dislike about this balm (if 'dislike' is the best word to use... it may exaggerate what I want to say), is that I find that the balm doesn't have enough slip on the skin; that is why I need to add just teeny bit more of water. Overall, Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Cleanser has become a staple in my skincare routine - whenever I use it my skin feels soft, deeply cleansed and hydrated. This balm cleanser is a definite winner for me and for The Amazing Blog.

For a full list of stockists please visit Jane Scrivner's website. The Nourishing Balm retails at £45... and as Jane herself says "It's not just a cleanser, it's beautiful skin in a jar". Worth every single penny for sure.