Award Winning Appleby Creamery Cheeses

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At The Amazing Blog we are always on the edge of our seat when we receive a new package that contains food samples. We were delightfully surprised when Appleby Creamery sent us a couple of their award winning cheeses. We knew before we even tasted the different assortment of cheeses, that we were in for a treat.

We started out tasting the handmade Eden Sunset cheddar cheese that was jam packed with flavour. The Eden Sunset is a hard-pressed cheese that can be easily sliced into small pieces. The cheese has a buttery taste to it but not too overpowering. When lunch time rolled around, it was the perfect cheese that complimented my whole-grain crackers and left me wanting more. For the last week, we have all shared the cheese on our snack breaks and every time we cannot stop raving about how wonderful it is.

The real treat was the Eden Valley Smoked Brie. I have never really been a fan of Brie, but this was exceptional. After just a small nibble of it and I was hooked. It was perfectly ripened with the gooey texture all the way through - now that's  what I call 'real' Brie! This is the way Brie should be crafted, but rarely is.  I decided to let my friends taste and test the Smoked Brie at supper a couple of nights ago. I serve cheese pre-dessert (possibly just a Spanish/continental thing?!) and they were in absolute heaven when they paired this Brie with the figs and grapes on delicious Bath Oliver biscuits.  Sadly, it was all gone far too quickly...

Take your guests by surprise by serving any of the Appleby Creamery's Cheeses  You truly can't go wrong by purchasing Eden Sunset or Eden Valley Smoked Brie since they have both been awarded the Gold Award at the Cumbria Life - Taste Cumbria Awards in 2013. With the experienced team of 5 cheese makers with over 80 years of experience, they certainly won't let you or your dinner guests down. You can purchase Appleby Creamery's different cheeses on-line. All I can say is hurry up Waitrose and stock these cheeses as you are so missing a trick!