Botanicals Organic Skin Care Facial Collection

blog As most of our daily readers already know, at The Amazing Blog we love any kind of products that are hand made and organic. After hearing about Botanicals skincare from a couple of my friends I knew I had to make it a point to try out their facial collection. We were all pleasantly surprised when we received the Facial 'Try Me' Collection: Chamomile & Mandarin. There was a little something for everyone to take home at the office.

Botanicals Skincare Company uses only the most natural and organic ingredients and are all hand made in small batches to preserve the quality of all their products. After learning about this, we knew we were all getting a great product to sample. I luckily ended up with the Skin Tonic and Green Clay Nourish Masque, which I was secretly pinning for. All in all I was excited to sample these two different products. I had Sunday off so I knew this would be the perfect time to test out these new products.

On Sunday I decided I wanted to treat myself to a mini facial so I tried out the Green Clay Nourish Masque. After applying a thin layer and letting it really soak into my skin for approximately 10 minutes, I then used a hot towel to gently scrub it off of my face. It left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated – while also leaving me in a great mood, but that maybe because I finally got 10 minutes to myself. After treating myself to the mini facial I decided to try the Skin Tonic. At first, I was hesitant, in the past I have found that most Skin Tonics tend to dry my skin out, thankfully that wasn't the case. I applied a small amount of the Skin Tonic lightly on my face and it was quickly absorbed. I was impressed with how hydrated my skin still felt. The Skin Tonic also allowed my mouisturiser to last longer – which was a great added bonus that I wasn't expecting.

I would highly recommend the "Try Me" set that Botanicals Skincare offers. You are able to test out an assortment of their products and then decide which ones you wish to purchase. It's a great way to quickly figure out whether or not you like the brand without the commitment of purchasing a full sized product. You can buy your own  "Try Me" collection facial set for  £37.50 . Let Botanicals help you figure out which facial serum, skin tonic, or nourishing masque works best for you and your skin type. If you ask me this sounds like a great deal!