Ancienne Ambiance - Luxury Goddess Soap Collection

blog As many of our daily readers know, we at The Amazing Blog love writing about small natural and organic brands. Already familiar with Ancienne Ambiance and their natural Candles, you can imagine we were quite excited to receive their new Luxury Goddess Soap Collection. And after opening the box, we were certain we would not be disappointed.


Inside the box were two individually wrapped Goddess Soap Bars that instantly caught everyone’s noses by surprise as a delightful lavender scent filled the air. Similar to their candles, Ancienne Ambiance offers wide variety of blends to choose from. While my personal favourite has to be the Lavendula, their other fragrances include Rose, Jasmine, Honey, Almond Milk and Argan. And top tip, put a just single bar in your wardrobe to rid any pesky bugs and keep your clothes smelling fresh - I recommend it. Each blend smells delightful but the unique ingredients of Ancienne Ambiance truly separate their soaps from other brands. Each 100mg bar is made from a natural vegetable oil base specifically derived from coconut oil. The natural Glycerine from the coconut oil is combined with Shea Butter to provide extra vitamins to moisturise the skin. And the whole formula is completely free from parabens, synthetic materials and harmful chemicals.


Ancienne Ambiance says the Goddess Soap bars are perfect for daily use on both your face and body – I cannot disagree. Even after just washing my hands, I found my skin feeling soft and silky. So let your body and skin indulge in these natural soap bars. Their website offers a 3 bar soap gift set for £16 as well as a complete gallery of all their soap collections.