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Christmas Gift Guide for Women

Yesterday we published our ‘Christmas Gift Guide for Men’, so we thought it only fair to share a little gift giving wisdom for women too. Besides all of the beautiful candles, and festive food and drink available, we’ve created an overview of some of our favourite gifts for women, ranging from the affordable, to the more exclusive. With our help at The Amazing Blog, we hope that you’ll be able to find what she desires, creating the perfect Christmas gift (and giving you some last minute inspiration too!)


Let’s get started with something that won’t make you dig too deep into your pockets. All That Jazz is a specialist (and certified vegan) nail care brand, providing professional manicure and pedicure products. Founded in 2013, the company has been our go-to when it comes to nail care, especially since we loved their Caribbean Collection (see the blog post here). With their core range consisting of 36 on-trend shimmer colours, they have created their own game-plan, with a long-lasting base coat and choices of super quick drying top coat, matte top coat and top coat, specifically designed to magnify and smoothen glitter colours. Used by countless celebrities and thousands of nail technicians, this is a brand you can trust.

Bringing out four seasonal collections each year, The Designer Collection is our absolute favourite! This is the perfect add-on for Christmas, as the colours are glittery and powerful, inspired by the works of iconic fashion designers. Combining elements of runway glamour, four unique colours are created, from the timelessly chic, shimmery blue of Vivienne, through to the metallic red Coco. The collection also contains a cool nude, Vera and our favourite, the sparkling silver Betsey. The best part? This professional nail lacquer won’t break the bank. Click here to purchase The Designer Collection for just £11.97.


Another modest choice is from Heathcote & Ivory. Established in 2000, in London by Denis Aaronson, this brand is passionate about creating beautiful products with wonderful ingredients. Their colours, textures and patterns combine an eclectic mix of novelty, with British pedigree. Their forward-thinking design celebrates the role of women in ‘making Christmas happen’, where retro Christmas wrapping designs, sparkle and glamour greet the spirits of traditional British Christmas.

A perfect gift for her is their Vintage & Co. Baubles & Belles Festive Bath and Body TinThe packaging is a Christmas dream, elegantly designed with a festive pattern and finished with a beautiful pink hand-tied bow. Containing three bathing delights infused with orange-peel oil, this is the perfect company for the relaxing self-care holidays. The gentle cleansing shower gel has a silky texture that lathers well, and the scented crystal bathing salts with sweet orange essential oil fill the bathroom with a delicious (and festive) fragrance. Finally, the softening body lotion enriched with almond oil and shea butter locks in the skin’s natural moisture, perfect for any New Year party. All three products are scented with spiced rum, pomegranate, red berries and orange zest, and are guaranteed to give the fragrance of Christmas. Click here to purchase a Baubles and Belles Festive Bath and Body Tin for £15.


One of the sweet delights of Christmas is that there is always a beautiful scent in the air. That said, it is sometimes difficult to know how to blend fragrances together, something that Aqua Oleum can help with. This brand’s knowledge of oils spans over three generations, with over 30 years of experience in providing top quality oils, at reasonable prices. Managing Director, Julia Lawless, well known as an author and expert in aromatherapy, personally ensures that every product is of top quality - so an Aqua Oleum gift is sure to be one that will not disappoint.

Their Blending Notebook (£28) is ideal for anyone passionate about creating their perfect scents, giving clear and concise introductions into the art of blending. Introducing theory guidance and formula ideas, it is a great way to track and develop your own aromatherapy elixirs at home. Containing all essential information, journal pages to write your own formulations, a glossary of key essential oils and a perfumery chart with notes on how to train your nose, this notebook is great to get you started. It is also beautifully designed, gold foiled and singer sewn bound. To get started right away, combine this with their Clear Head essential oil for just £5.22 (10ml). It helps with breathing (particularly if a Winter cold sets in) and works to penetrate and soothe your sinuses. Equally, their Festive Joy for £6.07 (10ml) is just as great, with a heart-warming, rich, and spicy scent that is comforting and uplifting, the perfect natural room fragrance for the festive period.


If a new fragrance is what you’re looking for, then we introduce Ancienne Ambiance. Already lovers of their Goddess Waters, we were keen to try their new Mini Colonia Gift Set. Providing luxury gifts with paraben-free quality ingredients, Ancienne Ambiance products are free from animal testing and encased in recyclable packaging.

The Mini Colonia Gift Set contains five 15ml limited edition mini roll-on perfume gift bottles, the perfect scent selection to propel your spirits. Different scents for different days, complementing your clothing and making you feel good. Although we like all five scents, our favourite is Colonia IX (nine) - an exotic, woody and oriental fragrance, blending cedar and sandalwood with a hint of patchouli. It genuinely smells like Christmas! Staying true to the origins of niche perfume, all scents are hand-produced in limited quantities (in France), with the finest ingredients. Packaged in a handcrafted purple-golden gift box, this luxury gift delivers the perfect Christmas spirit (and the box can be reused at a later date). Purchase the Mini Colonia Gift Set here for £60.


Last but not least we introduce April Aromatics. Since trying their Rose L’Orange Eau de Parfum in August - the perfect scent for that balmy summer - this organic scents and cosmetics company has been one of our favourite fragrance houses. Founded by Tanja Bochnig in New York, the brand delivers natural perfumes with pure extracts that create inner well-being. Their perfumes are also pure and natural, and no animal ingredients are used.

We were therefore excited to try their Tempted Muse scent, the ideal present for Christmas. Packed in a silver shimmery, elegant box, it immediately put us into the most festive mood. Inspired by the nectars of the gods, with sweet fruity golden extracts of frangipani and jasmine, this perfume is uplifting and aphrodisiac. Purchase your own Tempted Muse for a loved one for €169 (30ml) here.

There you have it, five brands that have hopefully given you some inspiration for the special someone you are struggling to buy for! Whether they love nail varnishes, home fragrances or perfumes, we’re sure she’ll be opening her presents with a big smile.

Ancienne Ambiance Colonia VIII

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Everyone needs a signature scent— period. Finding a personal fragrance that can transition from day to night or season to season can be quite a mission, but we at The Amazing Blog think we have got you covered. And as much as we love discovering new brands to fall in love with, there are some things, like a signature scent, that have us reaching back to brands we already know and trust. We keep returning to Ancienne Ambiance because we adore how luxurious their products are, like the Goddess Argan Hand and Body Wash and Beauty Oil. They are an artisan brand inspired by the ancient world and winner of the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017, and we know that the unisex sweet fig blend of the Colonia VIII Perfume EDP will hit every note on your must-have list. 

The fig tree has a long, sacred past. With roots in Greek and Roman mythology to a symbol of enlightenment in Buddhism, this little fruit has made its mark on history. Ancienne Ambiance specialises in crafting niche fragrances inspired by the ancient cultures that started it all. The Colonia VIII scent honours the art of perfumery, as each perfume is bottled with the finest ingredients in limited quantities in France, all in a stunning 100ml glass column bottle that is sure to make you feel as lavish as Cleopatra. The fragrance has its base notes rooted in the warmth of sandalwood, its heart notes rounded in coconut, and the top notes have light, natural green notes that will follow you around throughout your busy day. Everyone will stop you just to ask what you're wearing: trust us, we know from experience. 

Want to make sure your scent lasts all day? Apply it to your pulse points or the inner wrist and elbow, behind your ears and knees, and at the base of the neck. Mist it on your clothes and hair as well and avoid rubbing the scent into your skin, as it makes the fragrance fade faster.
You can purchase the Colonia VIII Perfume here for £60.

Goddess Argan Hand & Body Wash and Beauty Oil by Ancienne Ambiance

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Beautifully scented products are one of our little weaknesses at The Amazing Blog. As much as we love discovering and trying new products we also like to return to brands that we know, when they launch new products. One of these is Ancienne Ambiance, an award-winning London-based artisan brand who produce luxury home fragrances, perfume and body care all inspired by ingredients from the ancient world. We recently spotted their Goddess Argan Hand and Body Wash and Beauty Oil, and couldn't wait to try them!

There is nothing better than a relaxing shower and the right product can transform a basic shower into a heavenly one. The Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Argan Hand & Body Wash reminds us slightly of what we think a luxurious ancient Roman bath might have been like. This rich hand and body wash is formulated with 100% natural sweet coconut oil and argan oil and is a real treat. Apart from the coconut and argan oils it is also packed full of vitamin E and antioxidants. This product not only cleanses your body but is also gentle enough to use on the face too. It's designed to awaken the senses with its delicate scent and leaves the skin fully hydrated.

To complement the Goddess Argan Hand & Body Wash the brand has also created the Goddess Argan Beauty Oil. Known as their 'miracle oil' it is enriched with a wonderful cocktail of grape seed oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil and paprika oil. This Beauty Oil is a great multitasker and will give your face, body and hair all the care and hydration they need. All the ingredients work in harmony to intensely nourish dry skin and are also gentle enough to treat and soothe skin irritations such as eczema. This is a brilliant all-in-one product that leaves face, body and hair moisturised, replenished and soft.

We think that these two products also make the ideal travel companions with their combined multipurpose use.  So if you too want to feel like a Goddess, you can purchase the Hand & Body Wash here for £16 and the Beauty Oil here for £40.

Friday Favourites - Valentine's Day Feature

We here at The Amazing Blog are all about Valentine’s Day. We quite fancy celebrating all of the relationships in our life, including those with our family, friends and romantic partners.

Even though we show them love every day, it’s nice to have one special day every year designed to show our appreciation. Check out our top gift suggestions so you can give your loved ones proper gifts this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is all about romance and love, so set the mood with a relaxing, heart-shaped candle from Ancienne Ambiance. Their special Valentine’s Day candles come in two colours: romantic red and elegant ivory. With three wicks and a burn time of 90 hours, these candles will last all day long to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

The candles have a Damascan rose scent that stays strong throughout its burn time, so you home will even have a special Valentine’s Day touch to it. If you purchase the elegant ivory candle, you can also opt for an unscented version if you’re not keen on the rose scent.

Pick up the romantic red candle here and the elegant ivory candle here for £40 each, and keep the flame alive this Valentine’s Day.

Since hearts are a signature icon to represent Valentine’s Day, many companies are selling products adorned with hearts for the holiday. The team at In-Spaces are no exception, yet their Valentine’s products stand out from the rest due to their creative spin on everyday products.

A few of our favourite Valentine’s Day exclusive products are the Handmade Porcelain Hanging Heart with a Red Flower (£7), the Pink Bespoke Table Lamp (£120) and the Queen of Hearts Red Egg Cup (£7). All of the products are handmade, designed with care and feature the signature Valentine’s Day colours – red and pink.

You can also check out the Valentine’s Day section of the In-Spaces website for more suggestions and ideas for what to gift your loved ones this year.

Nothing quite says “Valentine’s Day” like a bouquet of beautiful red roses. The luxury flower brand Roses Only recognises this and strives to offer only the best when it comes to floral arrangements.

Only the finest flowers make the cut to be placed in a Roses Only bouquet, coming from England, Ecuador and Holland. When roses aren’t enough, they are pleased to compliment your bouquet with lilies, tulips, gerberas or a mixture of every type, depending on what you’d like to see.

Even though red roses are the company’s top favourite and best-seller, they also offer roses in the following colours: pink, white, yellow, lilac and orange. The bouquet are placed in elegant flower boxes and tied with ribbon, although you can request a vase if desired. You can also buy a roses set, paired with a bottle of champagne and a chocolate bar, for that very special someone.

Check out the Roses Only website to see all of their limited-edition Valentine’s Day arrangements.


We never need an excuse to indulge in some delicious chocolates, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to enjoy a few sweets. This year, we’re loving the fine Valentine’s chocolates from Demarquette, which are both delicious and visually appealing.

The pink and red heart-shaped chocolates are filled with Marc Demarquette’s speciality melting caramel, as well as fresh fruit purees. A combination of freshly-picked Devon strawberries combined with passion fruit puree and the caramel, make for a beautiful combination of tastes perfect for the holiday. Each heart is covered with the Demarquette milk chocolate house blend for the perfect finishing touch.

Pick up your own set of Demarquette chocolate hearts here for £12 and put a smile on your loved one’s face with the simple goodness of quality chocolate. 

Ancienne Ambiance - Goddess Waters

Working in an office can often be quite stressful for both body and soul, especially when the workload piles up and you don’t find the time to step away from the screen. However, here at The Amazing Blog  we have found the perfect solution in the Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Water. A unique product, the Goddess Water's uses range from a make up remover to a irritation soothing spray for pets and children. In soft Rose and calming Lavomile scents, we’ve been spritzing these heavenly waters left, right and centre in order to hydrate our skin and relax our mind.

Although the Goddess Waters are a bit of a multi-purpose product, we have found that they make a wonderful facial mist, with refreshing moisture just a spray away. Adding a glowing sheen to my stressed pallor, the Goddess Rose Water can also be used to reduce redness, acne, and skin irritations. Its antibacterial properties mean that we can use it as much as we like, with no worry of aggravating our skin. The Lavomile Water gets most of its use from us as a soothing room spray. The delicate blend of Lavender and Chamomile means it fills the office with a gentle scent, and is a lot more subtle than its floral rose counterpart, creating a much calmer environment in an often hectic office. So, if you need a rescue remedy, and want to try something a little different, let Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Waters restore inner, and outer peace to your work environment.

Both the Lavomile and the Rose Goddess Waters are available to buy here, both for £20.