Fairwind Bird Tiffins

Have any camping adventures lined up for this summer? Want to put a stylish edge to your camping gear? Fairwind fair trade gifts are perfect for camping and have new camping items for you to look at! Whether its wet and muddy or sunny and bright, Fairwind has a magnificent selection of their new beautiful hand-painted tiffins. These tiffins are great for festivals around the city, camping, or even to lay around your house. While camping these decorated bird tiffins are not only easy to use with 3 bowls piled on top of each other, they come in three wild colors (green, red, or light blue) so they are easy to spot out right away. They can be sed to store food and biscuits, perfect to bring on a picnic, or used as serving bowls to really blow your friends and family away.

All Fairwind products have been hand painted by crafts people in Kasmir and are safe for food. If you enjoy the brand new bird tiffins being offered this summer, you would also enjoy the other products offered such as bowls, mugs, camping sets, cups, trays, and jugs. I absolutely love finding new items to bring with me on my camping adventures in the summer while also trying to have that edgy look to them – as a fashionista that I am.

Glam up your camping gear with Fairwind bird tiffins for only £39.50 and while your looking, pick up a few other camping products – I know I sure will!