Wear 'springness'

I don’t know what you Brits are on about when you say you can feel that spring is just around the corner, for a Spaniard with the cold and the ever-threatening sky it is almost impossible to imagine! Although the other day, on an icy walk down Sloane Street, I stood in front of Missoni and believed for a moment that spring was about to knock on the door. The colourful prints made me wonder what I was doing in plain, dark clothes instead embracing pastels and patterns to lift my mood on the damp London streets. So today I wanted to share my spring feeling from the marvellous Missoni. You can welcome in the new season by wrapping yourself in this scarf or by donning this kaleidoscopic sleeveless pullover... just one tip pattern on pattern may be in style right now, but I recommend leaving it to the Missoni models!