Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair

Something special is happening this weekend at The Old Finsbury Town Hall. An event that The Amazing Blog and every fashionista won’t miss no matter what. Whether you’re a vintage lover or simply curious we will be expecting you at the new edition of the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair, this Sunday 25th October.

This unmissable carousel of colours and style has been nominated for a London Vintage Award for a reason. It offers 50 stalls displaying womenswear, accessories, textiles and menswear, where you can indulge your inner fashion addict! Step inside and forget about 2015 while browsing among unique and exclusive stylish creations from the Victorian Age to 1980s.

With only 2 months until Christmas, this is the perfect place to pick up an original and totally unique gift, and if you're worried about sizes/little flaws, head on down to the Yellow Room for all your altering needs.

If you’re thinking that it’s all about dresses and jewels, you’ll be surprised. Juggling between a pair of shoes and a bag that you absolutely have to have, you can rest your tired shopaholic-feet having your nails done at the Vintage Salon. Alternatively enjoy a traditional English Afternoon-Tea in the Tea Room des Artists accompanied by vintage-flavoured bands like The Polka Dots Dolls and The Marjory Belles.  

Jump in an old-fashion painting for one day and renew your closet with something that you only will own and nobody else. The event will start at 11am and will go on until 5pm; the price at the entrance is £4, students can enter for only £2.

Sunshine Hats

Despite the unpredictable British summer weather, we here at The Amazing Blog know the importance of having good SPF products all year round.

Based in the UK, Sunshine Hats has an extensive range of UPF50+ headwear imported directly from Australia. Not only are their hats stylish, but they all come with a Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia accreditation which ensures that each hat is 100% protected against harmful UV rays. Yes, you read that correctly, an accessory scientifically proven to protect you from the sun.

We also love how they’re crushable, washable and water friendly, making them the ideal suitcase friendly hat for your summer travels. The hats can also be tailored to each individual head with an adjustable drawstring to achieve that perfect fit. These hats are truly a summer hols essential.

We love hats with big brims, and the Hayman Big Brim is perfect to cover up those bad hair days, plus it has wire in the brim so you can make it look exactly how you want. Or the Naples Ivory hat is a more casual alternative, perfect with a sundress or with a bikini and sarong.

To view the whole range and purchase a Sunshine Hat, please go to their website. They have kid’s hats for £10, visors for £16, and the women’s hats range from £20 - £32.  

V&A Exhibition- Shoes: Pleasure and Pain

Christian Louboutin once famously said: “A shoe is not only a design, but it's a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you're going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.” At The Amazing Blog we could not agree more.  From June this year all the way through to January 2016, the V&A will be home to a very special fashion exhibition exploring the transformative power of extreme footwear, our fascination and obsession with shoes as well as their agonising aspects.

In this exciting exhibition, there is an unrivalled collection of more than 200 pairs of historic and contemporary shoes from around the world. Some are as old as 2000 years and have never been seen before.  The collection includes shoes worn by high profile figures including Marilyn Monroe, Queen Victoria, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Minogue and the Hon Daphne Guinness.  There is footwear for men and women by 70 named designers including Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Prada.

Exhibition curator, Helen Persson, said: “Shoes are one of the most telling aspects of dress. Beautiful, sculptural objects, they are also powerful indicators of gender, status, identity, taste and even sexual preference. Our choice in shoes can help project an image of who we want to be.”

In addition, the exhibition reveals the evolution of shoes and how little style, material and shape are so much more symbolic than you realise.  This exhibition is a must for any fashion lover or someone passionate about history.  You can find out more about it here.


Simon Copeland - Wardrobe Detox

simon copeland 9

Made an expensive mistake in Summer sales? Or perhaps you need help culling your exploding wardrobe? Well then look no further because we at The Amazing Blog have the answer to your prayers. Fashion Designer, Simon Copeland, with expert tailoring skill, will advise you on colour, style and fit, and you won't have to move from the comfort of your home. And if you need a little addition to make that jacket or dress really work, he can sort that too, with a wide range of outfits and separates designed exclusively for you.

A Wardrobe Detox Consultation lasts for two hours, with Simon coming to your home or office and going through your wardrobe, or indeed simply the pieces you wish to pull out for attention. There are three categories:

Current Season - the pieces you are wearing to their full potential, and therefore earning their place in your wardrobe.

Potential Tweaking - the pieces which may appear dated or even unwearable, but with a little adjustment, can be altered to become part of your Current Season Wardrobe.

Redundant Pieces - the outfits which have served their purpose, and which need to be sent to the recycling bin, and thus creating space in your wardrobe. He calls it CPR for your clothes!


The cost of the detox is £250, which covers the initial two hour consultation, and the alteration of one outfit which is undertaken by Simon's team, at his studio, and then returned to you. Further alterations can be arranged, and quoted for accordingly. For every friend you introduce to The Wardrobe Detox, and who books a consultation, you can claim a further free alteration. Further information, testimonials and details can be found at Simon can be contacted on 020 7924 1985 or the mobile 07768 760315. The mobile is better as Simon is always out and about dealing with troublesome wardrobes! Alternatively, you can email or Simon directly on Our Executive Ed at TheAmazingBlog was very ebullient about her experience; she felt ‘totally cleansed’ and we’ve certainly seen her sporting some rocking remakes…

Friday Favourites- Holiday Reads

All we want to do in this cold weather is snuggle up on the sofa in our pyjamas with a mug of tea and a great book. The Amazing Blog understands that there comes a time when a novel seems a bit too heavy for unwinding, so we have selected three very different easy reads to browse when you’re taking some time off. These are How to Draw Like a Fashion Designer, Peruvian Kitchen, and The Book. draw like designer

There’s no denying that at some stage in our lives, we have all had career ambitions which were a little far fetched. When I was growing up it was either a princess or fashion designer… By about 8 I realised the former dream was a little unrealistic so I began to focus on fashion. I would draw stick women and drown them in horrible floods of colour, clothes that nobody would ever wear, but it was fun. The How to Draw like a Fashion Designer book written by Celia Joicey and Dennis Nothdruft would have been perfect for that phase of my life and would have helped make my stick people look less like…sticks. It’s a beautiful book filled with vibrant colours and step by step guides. Valentino and Zadra Rhodes are just two of the many designers who have contributed to the book, adding their own individual personality. There are interviews, drawing guides, intricate images and much more to set you on your path to become the next big name in fashion. I think this book is wonderful for a light read when you have five minutes to yourself. Its only £12.95, and definitely a book which will look lovely on a shelf or table in the lounge for everyone to enjoy. You can purchase the book here.


From one of our favourite ‘F’s, fashion, to another, which is food! The Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen by Martin Morales is filled with over 100 recipes and photos of the most celebrated Peruvian food. Restaurateur and cook, Martin Morales opened his restaurant Ceviche in 2012 and has since had huge success. This book shows you how to makes hundreds of dishes including the famous Ceviche. He traveled the country in search of the best flavours and recipes to share with his readers, and we agree he’s done just that. They are simple yet delicious and unusual, and we are interested by every one. The dishes are fusions of cultural essences from Africa, Spain, Italy, China and Japan. If you haven’t tried Peruvian food before then you need to, it’s definitely not one to disappoint as there are so many different spices and textures to choose from. We trust everything about these recipes as Martin Morales has been cooking since the mere age of 11!  His passion for food is displayed throughout the book and seen in the beautiful photographs which compliment each recipe. The book is published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson and you can purchase it on Amazon here.

The Book

There is a particular genre of book that appears to be trending and increasing in popularity. These are self help books, ways to better your life and achieve greater happiness. If you visit book stores or use the internet you will probably be exposed to a large amount of these book titles, but The Amazing Blog can make it a little easier for you to choose. We have just read Linde’s life manual which goes by the name, The Book. It opens your eyes to different ways to maintain perfect health, wealth, happiness and longevity. It’s a guide to changing the way you perceive things to ultimately give you a happier and more positive outlook on life. As you journey through the chapters you learn how to understand how your body and mind function, and how to deal with them depending on your surroundings and environment. This book is full of optimism and is definitely one that I will keep referring back to as the years go on. It’s a bit like a support mechanism to guide you in the direction which will make you happiest. The hardback version is £30 and presented beautifully, it’ll be something to stay with you for years so definitely worth every penny. You can buy a kindle edition, or if you want, a hardback copy from here