Pairfum - Perfumed Honeycomb Sachet

blog There is nothing worse than walking into a musty room or opening up a stuffy wardrobe. The smell of stale air practically drives me mad. Thankfully, we at The Amazing Blog have found a solution to this obnoxious problem - The Pairfum Perfumed Honeycomb Sachet.


Unlike standard sachets, The Pairfum Perfumed Honeycomb is subtle and not too overwhelming. And to be honest, when it comes to sachets, being subtle is key. There is nothing worse than replacing the scent of stale air with an overly powerful synthetic aroma. We hung this sachet up in our office and then in our basement wardrobe and it simply eliminated any odours with a pleasant lavender essence. After 2 months it still continues to fill the air with a refreshing scent.


As our readers know we love natural and organic products, and the Pairfum Perfume Honeycomb Sachet is everything but synthetic. Made from 100% natural beeswax, each sheet is coated with a pure perfumed infused nectar. The oils are nontoxic and biodegradable so this sachet can be placed throughout the house without causing danger to food or pets.


We found that Pairfum Sachets provide the perfect subtle aromatic scents to replace the stale air of your wardrobes and rooms. For only £8.99 you can bring a lovely spring scent inside your house and wardrobe. Go to the  Pairfum website to choose from a gallery of fabulous smells.