Get Volcanic Eyes with Rouge Bunny Rouge Megaplumes Mascara

blogimagemascara For most of us beauty loving girls, especially here at The Amazing Blog, mascara isn’t even a second thought. We love it thick and luscious so that our eyes always look perfectly awake and have a touch (or lots) of glamour. When we received the Rouge Bunny Rouge Megaplumes Mascara, I knew I had to be the first try it out.


Rouge Bunny Rouge was created in 2006 in Moscow by Alexandra De Montfort in an effort to create luxurious, unique and feminine cosmetics. Every product in her line has a touch of fantasy; a story behind it, and as the wearer, you bring that story to life. The Dramatic Lash Megaplumes Mascara, which was inspired by underwater hydrothermal volcanoes, is said to ‘achieve the same impressive effect as false lash extensions’. Because of the fantasy behind the products, I imagine my eyes will look incredibly mesmerising and enchanting once I apply the mascara. Even just the packaging is whimsical; white flowers delicately scattered over a sleek black design.


Upon opening I notice the beautiful, rich Oxblood colour. No, not your typical black mascara, but something new and unexpected to try. It is sure to enhance any natural eye colour, especially greens and browns.  The brush is a simple oval, but it is large and thick, perfect for catching even the tiniest corner lashes. Panthenol being included in the formula means that your lashes will be moisturised as well as strengthened. The ‘natural jellifying systemresists breaking, while keeping your lashes supple and flexible.  I found it incredibly easy to apply, non-messy, and looked fabulous. The mascara is also water-proof and transfer-proof, so you so not have to worry about it smudging or running as you go about your day. ‘Megaplumes’ mascara is sure to get you noticed (in a good way of course!), and is such an easy way to spice up your make-up routine.  The mascara retails at £24.96 and can be purchased on the Rouge Bunny Rouge website.