Get some honey into your routine with Bee Nature

Bee Nature blog image
Bee Nature blog image

You may put Honey in your tea, or on a peanut butter sandwich, but have you ever considered its use for beauty products? Honey is an ingredient popping up in all kinds of new products on the market. Us girls at The Amazing Blogknow a few things about the benefits of honey on the skin, which is why we were very excited to try Bee Natures new Shower Milk and Body Lotion.

Bee Nature is a new 100% Belgian cosmetic company that specialise in ‘natural products with honey and plant extracts’. It was founded by Marine, who grew up with a chemist and pharmacist as parents, so it was natural that she would end up in the world of body products. Currently as small range, Bee Nature’s products are indulgent, delicious, and natural. Honey has been used since the dawn of time for many kinds of remedies, involving treating wounds. This is because it is a natural antiseptic, which means it is perfect for those who suffer from “problem skin” or have issues like acne and red patches.

First of all, I must mention the amazing scent. Good enough to eat! Because of the honey, it has quite an edible smell, but in the best way! The shower milk feels absolutely decadent on the skin and lathers nicely. It has lemon and verbena which makes it very moisturising and toning for the skin. The honey included in the formula means it is very soothing to the skin and packed full of antioxidants. The Body Milk Lotion is also incredibly moisturising, healing, and toning. This is credited to the inclusion of aloe juice, hyaluronic acid and chamomile oil in the formula.

Another wonderful thing about Bee Nature's products is that the packaging is very specially designed. It is eco friendly and perfect for storing in your bathroom as the seal is air tight. This means that your products will always be fresh and like new! If you are interested in seeing the whole range from Bee Nature or purchasing the lovely Shower Milk and Body Lotion, which retail at £7.83 and £9.41 respectively, visit the Bee Nature website.