Refresh Your locks with Ambiance Dry Shampoo

Ambiance dry Shampoo blog image  

We all have those days. The days where you miss the alarm just by enough to not have time to wash your hair before work. Or even the days where you need to wash your hair, but just don’t want to. We’ve all been there, and will continue to be. Thankfully enough, there are products invented just to suit our problem! Dry shampoo is one of those products that we consider a must have here at The Amazing Blog, and we know you probably do too. We all know of the oldie-but-goodie baby powder remedy for greasy scalp, but that can often leave a white chalky mess, and so the aerosol method tends to be our most loved. We heard about a product called Ambiance Dry Shampoo that is going back to the powder formula, but in an all-new way.


The Ambiance Dry Shampoo is designed as a kabuki brush style applicator with the pigmented dry shampoo product in the bottom, so when you turn it upside-down, the product comes out. It was designed this way for ‘maximum cleansing, root concealing, and thinning spot coverage’. The pigmented nature of the product means that it is perfect for those of us with darker hair, who don’t want a white powder or spray showing on our locks and giving away our hair secrets. This also means that it is wonderful for people who do have spot thinning or want to temporarily cover up roots. The leaflet in the box advises you to tilt the brush at a slight angle onto the area of scalp that needs coverage and carefully apply and buff the product in a circular motion. You will want to section the hair as well, that way you know exactly where the product is going. We did find upon application that you may need to re-apply a few times to get maximum results.  You will also want to apply this product before you get dressed, as some fallout can occur, and the product is pigmented like an eye shadow. The product is also 100% natural, so no nasties in the formula.


The Ambiance Dry Shampoo is available in five colour formulas: Blonde, Brunette, Red, Black, and Grey. The dry shampoo retails at £26.98 from Eterno Naturals, and does come with a free refill for your brush.