Orchard View Naturals Capsule Collection

Orchard View Naturals BLOG image Here at The Amazing Blog, we realise how important it is to take care of your skin and treat it with essences of nature to keep it at its healthiest and purest. Apart from our love of different creams and lotions for the skin, we have come to realise the power of using essential oil blends to help maintain vitality. Recently, we found out about a new company called Orchard View Naturals that is combining beauty along with natural aromas to create oil blends that are suited for every different skin type imaginable. We were able to sample their Facial Oil Capsule Collection and were so nicely surprised by the range we had to share it.

The Orchard View Naturals Capsule Collection box contains five different facial oil blends in beautiful purple bottles, each suited for different skin types. Triple Rose oil is well suited for dry, dehydrated, dull and aging skin. It smells lovely, like a rose garden. The Orange Blossom oil is also suited for these purposes as well as mature skin and those who have large pores. People with normal to combination skin will find that Rose Geranium best suits their needs, while those with oily and breakout prone skin will like Tea Tree the most. Infused Marigold oil is recommended for those with sensitive skin. You will find that these oils are interchangeable most of the time, and the included leaflet really helps you determine what is best for your skin. One of the best parts of the oils is that they smell absolutely wonderful. They have been designed so that the scent lingers, but isn’t so strong as to upset sensitive noses. You will want to use these oils very sparingly, about one to two drops for each use and massaged into the skin with circular motions.

Orchard View Naturals can certainly boast about their skincare as it is all 100% natural and 99.5% organic. There are also no parabens, bleaching agents, or detergents in their products. These facial oils have been very carefully designed and are lovely for you or as a thoughtful gift to someone who enjoys skincare. You can purchase the Facial Oil Capsule Collection by visiting the Orchard View Naturals website where it retails at £45.