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True Skincare - Rosehip and Rosemary Facial Oil

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In a society driven by Instagram likes and online presences, transparency is becoming a rarity. The Amazing Blog admires the mission of True Skincare, to create a line of products that are inclusive to all. Founded on the moral principles of being honest and genuine, True Skincare fights industry exclusion with ethical, effective and purse friendly products.

With the use of 100% natural and ethically sourced ingredients, and the avoidance of chemicals, artificial fragrances and parabens, it is no surprise that True Skincare is also certified by the Soil Association. Founder, Emma Thornton wanted to focus on creating truly natural and organic products, extending from the ingredients sourced, to the use of cruelty-free, vegan and recycled packaging. True Skincare strives to be accessible to all women, something Emma recognised as lacking in the premium beauty sector. She values the need to steer away from clever marketing techniques that mask deceptive messaging, instead, provides a range of products that are ethical and affordable, without compromising on quality. That is certainly a philosophy we admire.

We tried the Organic Rehydrating Facial Oil, which, thanks to the scent of rosehip and rosemary, suitably woke us up each morning. This botanical oil contains sesame, sunflower and apricot kernel, carrier oils which are perfect for dehydrated skin. Additionally, the use of rosehip captures moisture and reduces the appearance of scars, dark spots and fine lines, while rosemary is both an antioxidant and antiseptic. Together, these ingredients remove impurities and maintain clear skin, something I am thankful for, as the weather continues to wreak havoc with my skin. The oil is light, and a little goes a long way. Although designed for dehydrated skin, members of The Amazing Blog team with oilier skin found this oil equally nourishing at nighttime. For maximum results, use this oil both morning and evening - simply massage 2-3 drops in upward and circular motions across the face (we also applied it to our necks). In line with Emma’s desire for inclusivity, this oil is reasonably priced at £13.50. To try a 30ml bottle for yourself, click here.

ISUN - The Gentleman's Moisturiser


How about blowing those Moody Monday Blues away with some unapologetic and deeply intense luxury? Yep, we’d thought you’d say that - we could feel the vibes coming through the electronic waves between you and us here at The Amazing Blog Towers - so brace yourselves, we have a complete corker for you in ISUN’s The Gentleman's Moisturiser: Light Facial Oil.

It’s quite a compact gem of a bottle at 30ml, but rest assured, shoe-horned in are a plethora of antioxidants and vitamins just primed to dive deeply into the epidermis and work their incredible magic on us. With each formulation, we are promised high performance, satisfying results and an overall sense of harmony and wellbeing. Not only are we enjoying an increased level of hydration, but we are also healing the skin from within, and in turn revitalising body, mind and spirit; what better way to begin a new week?

The background to ISUN’s philosophy and mission plays a part here, as they are justifiably proud of the sustainability of all their products, and the future opportunities which can come from protecting not just the viability of their skincare, but also their workforce, communities, and the very landscape where the ingredients are sourced and nurtured. Align that with their organically certified credentials, and we have ourselves an intensely luxuriant facial oil, which comes at the cost of £65 for 30ml. ISUN supply many spas and salons with their products, but we can get our hands on our own piece of moisturising heaven through the company’s own website here.


Vivderma – Facial Oil and Sculpting Neck & Chest Cream

It is not a secret that our face is our business card and here at The Amazing Blog we know how to take care of it, together with Vivderma specific products.

After a certain age, in particular, all we ask for are visible results that last longer than a day. And with Perfecting Facial Oil it won’t be a dream but something tangible that everybody around you will notice.
The first benefit we have noticed is that our collection of skincare products has strongly improved; no more countless serum, day cream, night mask. This oil does all the job alone counting only on its remarkable ingredients, leaving the skin plumped and not oily at all. Some of us are still admiring the effects in the mirror; taking advantage of argan oil, bioretinol and Vitamin E, the oil really improves face brightness and skin tone! Beside Vivderma used only natural scents like petitgrain and palmarosa to create an iconic fragrance that will gently blend in to the skin.

The Sculpting Neck and Chest Cream contains Dermahealth Biomimetic Skin Complex which is a specific formula that along with exclusive ingredients as Revinage™, Bimiol BSC®033  and Vitamin C, acts fast against the signs of aging and helps neck and chest regaining the elasticity they had once.
There is no catch and it is not something from another world; it is pure science and love for excellent products. Launching this cream, we think Vivderma gave us a real opportunity to love our skin more than usual. What impressed us the most is the consistency, very smooth and not too rich or thick. More than anything we like the feeling of an emulsion that slowly turns into a serum very fresh and light. In our opinion it’s pretty perfect for every skin type.

As we did, you will fall in love with the packaging. Elegant dark purple bottles that will look great on your vanity table.  The Facial Oil can be bought here for £65 and the Sculpting Neck & Chest Cream here for £45.

Dash Skincare

Here at The Amazing Blog, natural skincare is one of our passions. When we use natural skincare products, we don’t need as much makeup during the day, since our skin is clear and radiant on its own. We recently discovered Dash Skincare, a local business started by two friends, and we just can’t get enough.

The ladies started their company when they realised just how many unpronounceable ingredients were in their expensive skincare products. They craved something natural with higher concentrations of active ingredients, and soon after they began creating their own products. There is a range of products for sensitive skin as well, yet all of the products are made without synthetic fragrances.

At the office, we received the 1A moisturiser and the Rebalancing oil, both of which calmed our skin and made it look radiant. We later found out that the 1A moisturiser was the first product the girls made for the company, and it’s still such a wonderful product. The Rebalancing oil was also a hit, since many of our team members have oily skin types and the oil helped to clarify and renew. When we applied both products, our skin felt smooth and non-irritated.

You can get the 1A moisturiser here for £12 and the Rebalancing oil here for £11.

Orchard View Naturals Capsule Collection

Orchard View Naturals BLOG image Here at The Amazing Blog, we realise how important it is to take care of your skin and treat it with essences of nature to keep it at its healthiest and purest. Apart from our love of different creams and lotions for the skin, we have come to realise the power of using essential oil blends to help maintain vitality. Recently, we found out about a new company called Orchard View Naturals that is combining beauty along with natural aromas to create oil blends that are suited for every different skin type imaginable. We were able to sample their Facial Oil Capsule Collection and were so nicely surprised by the range we had to share it.

The Orchard View Naturals Capsule Collection box contains five different facial oil blends in beautiful purple bottles, each suited for different skin types. Triple Rose oil is well suited for dry, dehydrated, dull and aging skin. It smells lovely, like a rose garden. The Orange Blossom oil is also suited for these purposes as well as mature skin and those who have large pores. People with normal to combination skin will find that Rose Geranium best suits their needs, while those with oily and breakout prone skin will like Tea Tree the most. Infused Marigold oil is recommended for those with sensitive skin. You will find that these oils are interchangeable most of the time, and the included leaflet really helps you determine what is best for your skin. One of the best parts of the oils is that they smell absolutely wonderful. They have been designed so that the scent lingers, but isn’t so strong as to upset sensitive noses. You will want to use these oils very sparingly, about one to two drops for each use and massaged into the skin with circular motions.

Orchard View Naturals can certainly boast about their skincare as it is all 100% natural and 99.5% organic. There are also no parabens, bleaching agents, or detergents in their products. These facial oils have been very carefully designed and are lovely for you or as a thoughtful gift to someone who enjoys skincare. You can purchase the Facial Oil Capsule Collection by visiting the Orchard View Naturals website where it retails at £45.