The Ethicurean Cookbook


Here at The Amazing Blog, we share a love for cooking, and we are always impressed when we stumble on a truly wonderful cookbook. We have recently been reading The Ethicurean Cookbook, which is a truly remarkable and creative book full of recipes. The book was born out of the Ethicurean Kitchen Garden restaurant, which is located in Mendip Hills. Ethicurean means ‘the pursuit of fine-tasting food while being mindful of the effect of one’s food production and consumption on the environment’.

The four friends were brought together by their love of cooking, and combined the knowledge of food and business into the Ethicurean Restaurant. They aim to live sustainably and are working with local English farmers and fisherman to source their meat, and they supply their own fruits and vegetables from their garden. Recipes you will find in the book range from some ‘quintessential’ English with a twist to the truly creative and daring. Foods are listed by season, starting with Winter, and each season houses a collection of starter foods, salads, mains, desserts and drinks. I found it truly captivating, and the photography is phenomenal. You will find that the recipes in the cookbook are probably things that you have never tried before, and some are admittedly a bit unusual. If you are experimental in the kitchen, you will absolutely love this, but never fear if you aren’t; there is plenty of delicious options available for you as well. Beyond the recipes themselves, there are pages devoted to the proper way of cooking specific things, such as live crabs, which is great form improving your cooking skills.

The Ethicurean Cookbook is sure to give you a font of inspiration for your next cooking adventures. This will also be perfect for dinner party planning, as there is everything from cocktails to dessert. A wonderful gift for anyone who cooks, or for your own bookshelf, you can purchase The Ethicurean Cookbook, Ebury Press for £25 from (look up buying option and ask ebury how book needs to be credited).