Bnifty - Hatching Raptor Candle

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Easter is one of our favourite holidays here at The Amazing Blog. We spent Easter weekend catching up with friends and family, just enjoying each other’s company. Normally, this would include a lot of chocolate eggs being eaten, but this Easter we decided to go for a zero-calorie egg option… and here it is, a Hatching Raptor Candle from the online shop bNifty. Based in London, bNifty is a shop where you can find unique and quirky gifts (like this hatching candle) for everyone on your list. So no matter the time of year, whether you are looking for a birthday gift or a Christmas present, bNifty will have you covered.

The Hatching Raptor Candle comes in a clever box designed to look like a wooden crate. The crate has ‘WARNING’ written in all capital letters across the front, warning users about the ‘dangerous’ dinosaur contents inside. When you open the box you find a highly texturized tan coloured egg that is approximately 16cm tall and 14cm wide. We couldn’t wait to see how the candle burned so we lit it right away. As the odourless candle slowly burns, a porcelain baby velociraptor hatches out of the egg candle.

The baby raptor is approximately 11 cm tall and 4cm wide and looks like it is straight out of Jurassic Park. We learned that as the candle burns the dinosaur turns slightly black due to the candle flame. But the black colouration wipes off with a damp cloth without a problem. This candle is a joy to watch burn. And how cool is it even after the candle is done burning you have a baby velociraptor to keep? This is unlike any candle we have ever burned before, so much fun. While dinosaurs haven’t been around for millions of years, you can be the proud parent of your own baby velociraptor thanks to this candle. You can purchase the Hatching Dinosaur Candle here for £29.99.


Friday Favourites: Tipples With a Twist

Whether you are a cider lover, live only for gins, or a wine aficionado, here are some flavourful and delicious must-have drinks to have in your possession. If you're bored of the usual drinks on offer, we at The Amazing Blog have a selection of some traditional drinks with a unique and interesting twist. 


Fifty Pounds Gin.jpg

The Fifty Pounds Gin is produced by a family owned distillery located in London. It is traditionally made with the finest grains spirit distilled four times. The gin is produced using a method that is centuries old, known as Batch Process Distillation, which Fifty Pounds Gin hark as the best way to get the purest gin possible. It is thrice filtered, making sure all impurities are removed. It is self-proclaimed as the 'smoothest gin ever' and we have to agree. The method they adopt is delicate and painstaking; however, we reckon it is worth it. The botanicals selection, a combination of herbs, spices, fruits and flowers, makes it extremely delicious and nuanced in flavour. Where most gins focus on the juniper berries (the ingredient that makes gin a gin, and which can be a bit heavy or resinous), Fifty Pounds Gin have made the more mellow coriander seed their hero ingredient. Angelica root then contributes a lovely earthy and spicy flavour.

It is a classic, smooth, rich and fresh drink that goes well with a good tonic and a lemon zest. A special mention should be made for the design of the bottle that is inspired by the first ever gin bottles, giving them a beautiful vintage appearance. 

You can purchase the Fifty Pounds Gin 70cl bottle here at £34.99.


Cranes cider.jpg

Cider Lovers are going to love the Cranes Cranberry Cider. When twin brothers Ben and Dan decided to go into the business they thought that cranberries should be the key ingredient of their drinks and they thought well!

Cranes cranberry ciders are a mixture of the finest cranberries and apples which makes them very refreshing, light and tasteful. The ciders are naturally light as the sweetness comes from the fruits used during the production rather than additional sugars, and therefore they have 30% fewer calories than brand leaders. You can enjoy these sweet ciders guilt-free! These delicious cranberry ciders are available in three sublime flavours.

The Cranberry & Lime is one of our favourites; it is crisp, light and ideal for an afternoon refreshment. The second flavour is Blueberry & Apple; a perfectly sweet pairing. The third flavour is the Raspberry & Pomegranate, which is as fresh and invigorating as the first two but with that little delightful fruity taste that makes all the difference

A case of 12 Cranes Cranberry Cider can be purchased here at £27.60.


BB Bottle glass pouring wine.jpg


Famous for its alcoholic drinks, the Republic of Ireland will be soon renowned for its fruit wines. Móinéir wines are luxurious artisan fruit wines made in Wicklow Way Wines, the first ever Irish fruit winery. The wines are made from 100% Irish fruits.

The Blackberry Wine is a delicious blend of blackberries and wild elderberries; an Irish plant that was foraged in the Wicklow Mountains. The wine is intensely flavourful and fruity but with a light body making it easy to drink.  The Móinéir Blackberry Wine is a perfect choice for a light aperitif and goes wonderfully well with red meats.

The brand’s Irish Strawberry Wine is created with juicy, delicious handpicked Irish strawberries gently pressed to capture the most of their flavour. It is an aromatic, slightly sweet and crisp wine that will satisfy the palate of wine lovers. Here at The Amazing Blog, we love combining it with some dark chocolate, a real treat! We love that these are a little taste of Ireland captured in a bottle.                                                

Both wines are suitable for vegans and are unique gifts to offer to your loved ones.

You can purchase the Strawberry Wine here at 21.99€ and The Blackberry Wine here at 24.99€. Fortunately, you can buy the products in GBP by using PayPal.   



Sloane Home has found the way to our hearts with the Lone Stag Spirits: the LONE STAG SPIRIT Raspberry and Lime Gin Infusion and the LONE STAG ZESTY Clementine, Lemon and Lime Vodka Infusion.The drinks are traditionally produced in the heart of the British countryside with only the finest ingredients. Bottled, packaged and labelled by hand they are more delicious and savoury than any spirit made by machines. 

The spirits offer an excellent tasting experience; you can taste and identify all the ingredients used during the production. The sweetness and acidity are well balanced making the drinks taste natural, delicate and aromatic. The Lone Stag Spirits come in a fabulous case with cocktail ideas, transforming you into the new cocktails master. It is also a great gift for your friends and family.

We are very fond of these flavourful spirits, and we are not the only ones. Indeed, the LONE STAG SPIRIT Raspberry & Lime Gin infusion was awarded a Great Taste Award by the Guild of fine food August 2017 and the LONE STAG ZESTY Clementine, Lemon & Lime Vodka infusion won the same award in 2016.

If you want a taste of these delicious spirits, you can purchase a Sloane Hamper including both bottles here at £45.00.

We here at the blog can no longer have a dinner or go to a party without one of these drinks. This great selection of diverse and unique drinks will be a show-stopper at any dinner party.

Posh Tart - Filthy Velvet

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love nothing more than lighting some candles and unwinding with a few close friends, so when Filthy Velvet sent us one of their fun candles to try, we couldn't wait to use it.

There is a cheeky element to Filthy Velvet that we love, and while they make fabulous candles with beautiful scents, they don't take themselves too seriously. The candles, or "Scented Scandals" as they call them, are chic and set in a circular metal tin, looking at home on any counter, table or mantelpiece. The fun begins as you watch a shocked friend reading one of Filthy Velvet's unexpected names, such as "Big Pants" or "Busty Blonde" or "Pot Head." The provocative product names are original, odd and hilarious, making a superb gift for your sassiest friend.

We were sent the apple pie candle "Posh Tart" which had a sweet apple aroma, with notes of rich, spicy cinnamon and hints of nutmeg, vanilla and sugar pastry. The scent was noticeable but subtle, so you don't have to worry about it overpowering your home. Filthy Velvet's products are all hand poured in Northern Ireland, and are made from the finest fragrance oilsnatural wax and cotton wicks. With a burn life of up to 50 hours, these "filthy little scandals" are sure to leave you smiling for a long time.  

If you want the perfect quirky candle for your home, or a fun gift to give to a loved one, you can purchase a candle from their website here from £10.50.

Christmas Special - For Her

You should know the one you love or your best friend better than anyone but Christmas frenzy can be pretty overwhelming and stress you out. The Amazing Blog is here to help because we know how important it is to pick up the right present.
Today’s post is dedicated exclusively to her; to all the boys out there open your eyes, focus and take notes!

Let’s start from something, in a way, a bit different from a typical female gift.
At least 99% of us is secretly in love with our aspect even when we moan about frizzy hair and wrinkles; why otherwise we take so many pics?

Camera image.jpg

If you don’t think it’s a good idea to get for the queen of your heart a selfie stick, we have a better alternative. We’re talking about Lomography Lomo’Instant – San Remo Camera, available on Prezzybox for £99.95. It looks exactly like a 70’s analogue camera, so retro and nostalgic but with modern results thanks to three different flash modalities and colour gels.
 Watch your shots in real time in wallet size on a Fuji Instax Mini Film and bring with you the best moments of your life.

This year nothing will say Christmas and “I care about you” more than a Warm and Woody Gift set from Noble Isle. Beauty rituals will always be a must in a girl bathroom so warm her heart or simply spoil your bestfriend with a body lotion and two different bath and shower gels.

 Their names are so inspiring and tell us stories about hot chocolate, a fireplace and countryside. Fireside suits a spicy personality with its hint of cinnamon and beets extract, where Whisky and Water is tailored on an enigmatic soul, donating a distinctive vanilla, Scottish barley and aged single malt scent to the person who wears it. Get a personalised gift box with your message here for £19.50.

Aiming to surprise her with something classy? Roger and Gallet has the answer: Beauty Crackers. These Christmas beauty crackers are the perfect stocking filler for your loved one, beautifully packaged in a beautiful detailed box in a variety of colours.

Inside the cracker is a 30ml hand and nail balm and a 1.5ml Fraiche Fragrance, easy to carry around in your handbag. A deeply hydrating scented cream that nourishes and protects your skin from the cold winter mornings. Blended with extra virgin argon oil, shea butter and primrose oil, giving you soft and beautiful hands. The collection comes in many different fragrances and we particularly love the Fleur de Figuier, cracker available here at a bargain price for £4.20.

It’s essential for a woman to get her beauty sleep and we have found the perfect accessory to help give you your full eight hours snooze. Yolke eye masks help keep that dreaded light peaking from your curtains out so you can enjoy your much needed nap.

Yolke Masks.jpg

Made with 100% silk, Yolke ensures you are fully comfortable with no distractions around you letting you fall deeply into dream bliss. With a choice from every letter in the alphabet to give a more personal touch, YOLKE ensures you look fabulous even when sleeping the night away. Grab yours here for £25 and start enjoying your beauty sleep.

What’s better than receiving a book full of hidden beauty secrets? Not much. The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible is the perfect gift for your spouse this year.

beauty bible.jpg

A Best seller by Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley, this book gives you everything a woman needs to know about feeling and looking gorgeous, all day, every day. You will find top tips form inspirational women as well as sections on nails, make up, and sleep. Grab this essential here for only £11.99 and look beautiful every day. 

One thing you can’t go wrong with for a Christmas present is a Luxury Bath Set and Crabtree and Evelyn have got you covered. Inside is an explosion of Rose, Bergamot Spice and Vanilla extract and it smells divine.

Included in the Nantucket Bria Fragrance Trio Gift set is a bath and shower gel, scented body lotion, Eau de Toilette and cute porcelain bird ornament to hang in your home or on your Christmas tree. The festive packaging is enough to get you in the Christmas spirit and the scent of the trio is heavenly. At box value for £53 you should definitely grab this for your loved one at only £43 here.

Christmas Wish List for Our Lovely Men

With Christmas right around the corner, we at The Amazing Blog have been frantically trying to gather the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Needless to say, we have found shopping for the men in our lives particularly difficult. We’ve looked long and hard for products that men will both enjoy and actually use. Fortunately for us, we received samples from companies such as Marvling Bros, Ted Baker, Below The Belt and Luscombe. The stress of shopping for our men has finally come to an end.

Instead of the usual stocking stuffer, we decided to turn it up a notch by buying a gift with a manly kick. Marvling Bros World’s Hottest Chocolate Bars are the perfect fiery gift for men. Unlike most tasty treats, this chocolate bar presents them with a challenge rather than a chance to indulge in more Christmas chocolate. In other words, the chocolate is so hot that the company actually has to send safety instructions with it.

Paired with a bottle of the world champion hottest chilli powder, Carolina Reaper, together with two bars of extreme heat chilli chocolate, this little bar of dynamite, in a very clever mini matchbox, is sure to leave you begging for a glass (or gallon) of milk.

We feel this product is perfect for boys because, let’s face it, what man doesn’t love a challenge? World’s Hottest is available from the In-a-Matchbox website, priced at £5.99. For chilli lovers, Marvling Bros Ltd have also produced ‘Hot Stuff In A Matchbox’, four bottles of the hottest chilli powders in the world, priced at £5.99.

worlds hottest box.jpg

Looking for more than a stocking filler or gag gift? We’ve found the perfect package deal of essentials that will last long, put your shopping stress to rest and smack a smile on your man’s face. The Ted Baker Personal Best Wash Bag Gift Set includes an array of men’s grooming products, including a hair and body wash, body spray, and wrapped soap. If your man is always on the go, this is an ideal travel set - chic, affordable and actually effective. You can purchase this gift at your local Boots Store or at any Ted Baker location for £22.00. Browse the Ted Baker website to and take a look at this gift set or anything else your man desires.


We want the men in our lives to feel fresh and exude total confidence every day. Below the Belt Grooming has created skincare products that celebrate, cherish and protect all aspects of a man’s body, especially below the belt, leaving him confident and comfortable in his skin. For the athlete, check out the Sports Lubricant for £7.95. Whether your guy runs, plays golf or plays football, this product will prevent chafing or any unnecessary discomfort.

Do you ever feel like your boyfriend is just lazy and you are constantly nagging him to take a shower? Or, is your man just busy and always on the go? Buy them the Waterless Shower Groin Cleanser for £6.95; he doesn’t even have to take his trousers off to use it. He just has to rub it around the groin and crotch area before heading out and he’s all good to go.

For any man that just wants to make sure he stays fresh at all hours of the day, you can buy Fresh & Dry Balls for £6.95. All he has to do is apply it after a shower and he should smell clean all day long.

These products can only enhance the every day life for all the men out there. You can purchase the products here and even buy a trio of the products for £19.60

If your man has decided to go teetotal this Christmas, we've also discovered a delicious selection of soft drinks from Luscombe Organic Drinks. With flavours like Cranberry Crush and Wild Elderflower Bubbly to choose from, the bottled beverage company have a great variety to spice up your Christmas. Our favourite is Hot Ginger Beer; a spicy drink with a hint of lime, this leaves a slightly peppery feeling after you take a sip, perfect for keeping you toasty warm this Christmas. You can get a pack of 4 here for £5.99, as well as variety packs, if you can't quite decide.

Who needs Santa when the men in your life have you to shop for them?