Friday Favourites Beauty Tools

This Friday we have decided to share with you some of our favourite beauty tools here at The Amazing Blog. Sometimes, we need a little assistance when it comes to looking our best, which is why makeup tools exist, to make our lives that little bit easier. We have chosen the Glam Tech Brow Comb Tweezers, the Sue Marsh Lash Holder, some of the NewVitaLash collection, the Bronze Buffer’s Self-Tan Remover and the Saiya Makeup Remover Sponge.

px_tweezer_brow uncropped

Many of us squint our way through our morning makeup routine because we are still recovering from that painfully early alarm. We normal folk don’t have a personal makeup artist to get us looking glam in the morning, so we struggle tiresomely through and do our best. Glam Tech has designed a trendy little tool to help us out. The multitasking Brow Comb Tweezers save rummaging around for multiple tools. The sharp slanted tip is perfect for getting rid of those stubborn hairs and the comb then neatens up the brow for the complete smart brow look. We thought it worked well as an eyelash separator as well, which means it has another handy purpose. This Brow Comb Tweezer is just £6, and can be purchased from


On the topic of lashes, isn’t it a pain when you spend hours fiddling with your falsies, trying to get them in the right position, or to stay attached. Luckily, Sue Marsh came up with a tool called the Lash Holder, which does just that, it holds your lashes! Who’d have guessed? The instrument is designed with strength and maintains a tight grip on the lashes throughout the whole application. It’s much thinner than our fingers so is easy to manoeuvre around and get them where you want. Once you get into using this, your night out makeup routine will be a lot simpler, trust us. You can buy the Lash Holder for £15 and can find it here.


We are always looking for ways to naturally enhance our lash and brow growth, so we were excited to try some NewVitaLash treats. These included an eyelash growth serum, brow growth serum and mascara. The lash and brow serum are designed to make your lashes thicker, stronger, and hopefully longer. The ingredient which stimulates growth is Provitamin B5, and it helps to rebuild the structure. You will have to wait 3 to 4 months before seeing great results, but if you’re patient they will grow. We tested it in the office and found after about a month they felt thicker. The brow serum works in the same way, it’s basically the same with a different applicator. We are excited to see the final results in a month or two. The mascara is great, no clumps or smudges, and leave your lashes feeling more conditioned than other mascaras. The NewVitaLash is £45, as is the NewVitaBrow, and the mascara £15. There are purchase options here.

bronze buffer image

When it comes to tanning, we never really think about the ‘getting it off’ stage, it’s only ever about the application and getting ourselves gloriously bronzed for the summer. Streaks are inevitable when applying our own fake tan, we just accept that, so it’s time to get hold of the Bronze Buffer Self-Tan Remover. It’s a pretty little sponge (which admittedly I found felt a bit weird at first) and it works by molding itself into the spots you usually miss, like ankles and around your toes. It really makes a difference to your overall tanned finish, definitely worth a purchase. Head to here to invest in this handy tool, its £10 for two sponges.


So whilst we are on the topic of removing tan, we thought it would be nice to throw in one of our favourite makeup removers. The Saiya Cosmetics makeup removing sponge could easily be a pillow, it’s so soft and feels amazing to use. It’s so different from the coarse texture of wet wipes which can often irritate the skin. You simply add some water, and that’s it. Gently sweep it around your face to work layers of makeup off. It’s best to give it a good rinse when you’re done too. The just hang it up to try and repeat tomorrow. A great little tool for keeping your pores clean, just work it into your evening routine to really make sure your skin is as clean as possible. It’s only £6 and can be found on their website. Bargain!